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Did You Know? Song Joong Ki Got a Knee Injury and a Fractured Wrist While Filming “Descendants of the Sun”

Did You Know? Song Joong Ki Got a Knee Injury and a Fractured Wrist While Filming “Descendants of the Sun”
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His arm cast in that one hospital scene was not a prop.

It’s no secret that the 2016 K-drama Descendants of the Sun was one of the highest-rating shows in South Korea that has garnered a loyal fan base from Hallyu enthusiasts all over the world, including the Philippines. In fact, Filipinos loved it so much that we even released our own TV adaptation starring Dingdong Dantes and Jennylyn Mercado! Aside from its compelling storyline, however, another reason why we got so hooked on this drama was its impressive action scenes that kept every episode exhilarating.

That being said, these action scenes didn’t come without a price. In fact, lead star Song Joong Ki—who played Captain Yoo Si Jin in the drama—recently revealed that he suffered from multiple injuries that made it difficult for him to walk.

"There are certain parts in a project that I can't act myself, even if I wanted to and tried my best. Those scenes include car chases, martial arts, and lots of other kinds of action scenes,” he shares during his recent interview with Super Action, thanking his stunt double Yoon Ki Hyun for performing difficult action scenes for him when he got injured.


“While I was filming an action scene, I got injured pretty badly. I couldn't even walk at that time. But Ki Hyun played my role really well then. I felt sorry. If it wasn't for Ki Hyun, I wouldn't have been able to finish shooting Descendants of the Sun.”

Descendants of the SunDescendants of the Sun/KBS
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In the 13th episode of the drama, Joong Ki’s character was hospitalized after he was wounded by a gunshot and he needed to wear an arm cast in the following episodes. Well, it turns out that the arm cast used by Captain Si Jin was actually not a prop! Joong Ki needed to wear the cast due to a fracture and a torn ligament on his knee that needed eight weeks of recovery.

Descendants of the SunDescendants of the Sun/KBS

Don’t worry, though! Now, Joong Ki is healthier than ever and is definitely ready to wow us once again with his amazing performance on his newest revenge drama, Reborn Rich.

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