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Here's One Way to Prevent Feeling Burned Out From Work

Gather your workmates for a relaxing party!
Here's One Way to Prevent Feeling Burned Out From Work
Gather your workmates for a relaxing party!

When I graduated college, I immediately threw myself into looking for a full-time job. Thankfully, I landed a job that I have always dreamed of. And while my parents and close friends supported me, they also warned me about the possibilities of burning out myself early on. Of course, being a determined and stubborn millennial, I didn't listen; I felt that taking on a job right after graduation was the best move for my career. Besides, how can one ever feel burned out while doing what they love, right?

Well, juggling a full-time job and keeping an active social life seems to be an easy task, until it's not anymore. And as a newbie in the digital industry where work entails being always on the pulse of everything hip and current, it can become exhausting. Given that, I stay on the lookout for ways to recharge myself, bond with friends and colleagues, and still deliver nothing but the best in the work place. After all, maintaining a good work and life balance is essential in combatting lifestyle diseases.



In fact, according to a journal published by the World Health Organization, depression caused by work-related stress is one of the leading causes of lifestyle diseases. It is also projected to be one of the largest contributors (next to HIV/AIDS and heart diseases) to mortality rates by 2030. This finding leads us to examine better our mental health, just as we should be conscious of our physical well-being.

But as a working woman, we don't always have the luxury of time to get into counseling to check in with the status of our mental health. Aside from the stigma, it can also be time-consuming. And whatever time we can spare, we'd rather spend it with friends or loved ones.

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This is where post-work detox parties come in. According to Healing Minds Ph, a company that organizes such parties, the said experience is said to bring "healing to a whole other level, wherein psycho-emotional concerns can be addressed through a unique ear acudetox treatment." Apart from that, detoxification through juice cleansing is believed to bring forth "benefits to behavioral health in treating symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as disaster and emotional trauma. It works best for hypertension, muscle soreness, shortness of breath, high cholesterol, anxiety, and overall low mood."



And the best part? you can do it at the comfort of your home or through a pop-up event at your work place! All you need is a place big enough to accommodate at least 10 people, with comfy chairs and pillows, and enough space for a juice bar, and they will take care of the rest. All you'd be left to do is relax.

How about that? Take an hour or less from your busy day at work or carve a few minutes out of a lazy weekend to help yourself recharge and be more productive while relaxing with friends or colleagues. We think it's a win-win situaton for everybody!

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