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Daphne Paez Shares Tips on How to Live the Rest of Your Life

This one’s for you, young fashion girls!
Daphne Paez Shares Tips on How to Live the Rest of Your Life This one’s for you, young fashion girls!

She is most likely not at the top of your social media feed but you have to credit lifestyle maven Daphne Paez for blazing the trail for the bloggers and social media superstars you religiously stalk on the web today. At a time when the term influencer was not yet in use, Daphne already was. And even more, she turned her name and lifestyle into a brand—and with legal proof.

After the iconic magazine show F (ask your cool mom or ate about it) bid farewell on TV, the Preview best dressed alum turned her Livejournal blog into a full lifestyle site and lent her name to such cult favorites as medallion necklaces, Bench home scents, candy-colored accent chairs, luxurious bedsheets, and everyday storage solutions.

But her success in the local lifestyle scene is not your run-of-the-mill Instagram success story. In her very first book aptly called CHIC: Tips on Life, Style, and Work, Daphne writes about the lessons she picked up in a world she cultivated from when she was still a news reporter and lifestyle show host to this day when her responsibilities as a wife and mother are her bigger priority.


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We at Preview got first dibs on CHIC and discovered 10 standout lessons worth practicing from here on out:

GET TO WORK Daphne left her career in urban planning in Canada and learned the ropes in the Philippines as a news reporter and producer. She used these experiences when she transitioned to lifestyle hosting. Fortunately for her, she was able to apply her urban planning background to the TV show Urban Zone much later.

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MASTER YOUR STYLE Whether she’s garbed in architectural Joey Samson or toting a Cath Kidston bag, Daphne’s style in unmistakably polished. Her predilection for dresses and easy silhouettes—appropriate tropical dressing, she says—makes her stand out in a sea of denim-clad folk. She’s been faithful to her signature look over the years.


IMAGE Courtesy of Summit Books


STICK TO A BEAUTY REGIMEN She maintains a no frills formula of a facial and a microdermabrasion peel every three weeks. This allows her the confidence to not wear makeup in public. She also recommends at least six hours of sleep. 

MAINTAIN A FITNESS ROUTINE Daphne swears by Pilates not only for fitness but for good posture and overall well-being. She’s tried sports as a child but only successfully stuck to Pilates in her forties. Take it from her: It’s never too late.

SEE THE WORLD Daphne waxes nostalgic about the trips she’s taken with her husband Patrick (they practice a Just Us, No Kids policy every now and then) or with all three daughters in tow. Some of her favorite destinations are Bhutan, Barcelona, India, and Toronto where she grew up.

PACK LIGHT “Having a uniform works wonders,” she says in the book. Daphne knows exactly what to bring for a trip—cold or tropical, urban or rural.


IMAGE Courtesy of Summit Books


COOK—AND NOT NECESSARILY LIKE A PRO It pays to know your way in the kitchen when you’re living solo, feeding a family, or entertaining a small group of friends. In CHIC, Daphne shares one recipe each for breakfast, appetizer, entrée, and dessert. She can also mix a mean Bloody Caesar, Canada’s answer to the Bloody Mary.


CREATE A HOME Husband and children optional: a warm home that doubles as a sanctuary and intimate workspace does wonders to your well-being. In Daphne and Patrick’s case, their bahay na bato is a work in progress, where improvements done every couple of years make the home they share even more beautiful. Also, when in doubt, paint your front door fire engine red.


IMAGE Jeanne Young


MAKE A DIFFERENCE Daphne volunteers her time and talent to UNICEF as a Special Advocate for children. She believes that you must be involved in a cause that affects you the most.

PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS The most challenging lesson could yield the most return. Daphne, her name and the brand behind aforementioned accoutrements and home items, is a registered trademark. You’ll find the ® symbol in every product she sells. This makes us want to reassess our own strengths and take steps to make them hardworking for ourselves.  


CHIC: Tips on Life, Style, and Work by Daphne Osena Paez will be available in major bookstores nationwide beginning today. With personal life and work lessons and conversations with Ben Chan, Tina Maristela-Ocampo, Lucy Torres-Gomez, and Kenneth Cobonpue, CHIC is great resource that inspires and encourages an elegant life. The book retails for only P395. 

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