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This Aesthetic Tiny House Costs Less Than a Designer Bag

It's Philippine-made and eco-friendly, too!
This Aesthetic Tiny House Costs Less Than a Designer Bag
IMAGE Cubo Modular
It's Philippine-made and eco-friendly, too!

Ever wondered what it's like living in your own home but thought that the cost of a new pad was prohibitive? Well, there is a budget-friendly option that actually costs less than a lot of the designer bags on your wishlist. And as long as you have a plot of land to put it on, the tiny house of your dreams could be a possibility. 

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Yes, you read that right. Cubo Modular is a local company whose mission is to make sustainable, affordable, and dignified homes for families. The tiny homes they create are made with engineered bamboo, and their efficient panel building system enables them to assemble a house on site in just four hours!

PHOTO BY Cubo Modular

The catalyst for Cubo Modular was designed for more Filipinos to have a place of their own. Their design concept also takes into consideration the country's weather and frequent typhoons, as well as the average Filipino's budget constraints, with their smallest unit starting at P89,000.

Modular houses are built away from the building site and the prefabricated components will then be delivered to the area of assembly, including the electrical, mechanical components, and plumbing already preinstalled.

PHOTO BY Cubo Modular
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Cubo Modular believes that with their technology and the sustainable engineered bamboo as material, it's possible to house everybody without destroying the environment.

Watch the video to know more about this proudly Filipino sustainable and affordable home concept!

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