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5 Reasons It's Easier to Use A Credit Card When You Go Online Shopping

Rewards points = more credit to shop!
5 Reasons It's Easier to Use A Credit Card When You Go Online Shopping

Every fashion girl’s favorite past time? Shopping, of course. And with online shopping making your favorite activity even easier, you never have to leave the comforts of your bed for a new blouse again. But did you ever think of the best way to utilize your online shopping habits? Shopping with your debit card or paying through bank transfers is pretty common, but shopping with a credit card is even easier and can even help you spend your money more wisely. Read on to learn the advantages of online shopping with your credit card.

1. You can track your spending better.

When your monthly statement comes in, everything is outlined and neatly laid out for you to see. When you can see where your money is going, tracking and budgeting your funds gets easier. You might also find yourself wanting to be more careful when you shop using a credit card. After all, you do want to maintain a good credit score and avoid paying interest fees on late payments.

2. It’s easier to get refunds.

Did you ever try to purchase plane tickets or book a hotel room, only to have your debit card rejected? Or have you been sent a product you aren't completely satisfied with and want to get a refund? Getting your money back when you pay using cash, debit, or prepaid cards can be a lot harder and take longer than if you had used a credit card. When you request for a refund on something you used your credit card to pay for, the store directly coordinates with the issuing bank, so there's no lost money on your end.

3. Less risk if your credit card number gets stolen.

Once anyone has your debit card number, they have access to all your funds. With that access, they can easily drain and transfer all your hard-earned money with a click of a button. That said, a stolen credit card does have its cons, but it’s a lot easier to dispute a fraudulent purchase if your credit card does get stolen.

4. You can pay for your purchases in installments.

Been eyeing a new laptop? Or even that designer bag you’ve been saving up for? Some online retailers offer installments to some credit card companies, so you can pay for that purchase in three, six, nine, 12, or even 24 monthly installments.

5. You can shop more.

You earn points every time you use your card, and with those points come an equivalent reward. Some cards offer discounts at certain establishments, travel perks, even shopping points to help you shop even more. Some banks even offer promos that make using a credit card way more worth it than spending with cash.

Take for example, Metrobank’s current promo with H&M. If you’re a new cardholder and apply for a Metrobank credit card, you can get up to P2000 H&M eGift Certificates. After approval and delivery of the card, P500 H&M eGC will be added. After the card’s first use, another P500 will be added, and after reaching an accumulated spend of P10,000, a P1000 H&M eGC will be added.

Apply for a Metrobank Credit Card for fuss-free shopping. You can easily apply for one by clicking on this link. Learn more about Metrobank and H&M's promo here.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Metrobank.