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7 Easy and Creative Layout Ideas That Will Level Up Your IG Stories

Make your IG stories visually appealing!
7 Easy and Creative Layout Ideas That Will Level Up Your IG Stories
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Make your IG stories visually appealing!

Camera-ready and shy girls (or guys) alike love using IG stories, posting just about anything under the sun—from OOTDs, selfies, scenic photos, funny videos, and so much more! Whether you're just using stories for fun or want to optimize it for your work and branding, then take some inspiration from this list of creative layouts that will make yours look extra impressive.

LOOK: Easy and creative IG Story layout ideas to try

1. Spotify album cover

2. Phone camera effect

3. Google search


4. Shapes and frames

5. Simple photo and post combo

6. Notebook grid

7. Complex shapes

Here are other things you can add to your IG stories: 

1. Stickers and gifs


2. Templates

Apart from being used in birthday greetings, answering templates is a fun way to let your followers learn more about you. You can also opt to use existing templates from different apps and sites to create a quick and cute story layout. 


3. Filters

If you're not new to IG Stories, then you've probably seen and used several filters by now. These can add cool effects to your background, create an illusion of you wearing make-up, and it overall just makes for a cute story!


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