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Vax With Benefits: Enjoy These Perks When You Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Contact your local LGU now!
Vax With Benefits: Enjoy These Perks When You Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine
Contact your local LGU now!

The COVID-19 pandemic is a longstanding battle the entire world continues to face. Over the past year, several guidelines have been put in and out of place to accommodate the needs of different citizens and industries, while still maintaining a safe environment for all. There is a small light we can see at the end of the tunnel, with vaccinations slowly rolling out across the country. Such an initiative aims to achieve herd immunity nationwide, in order to ensure less and less people can get infected with the virus.  

Having an extra layer of protection against COVID-19 is the most essential benefit of getting vaccinated. While availing free stuff or obtaining perks shouldn’t be your main motivation to get jabbed, they do come along with doing so.

Here are the perks you can get once you're vaccinated.

Eating at home and getting food delivered has become rather monotonous in quarantine. Luckily, fully vaccinated individuals can dine in at their favorite restaurants around the metro and score some discounts or deals. You can get a free drink or dessert at places like Bacolod Chicken Inasal or CIBO when you present your vaccination card. Aside from that, discounts of up to 20% can be availed on certain menu items at spots like Burger King, 8Cuts, Souv, Genki Sushi, and our good ole favorite, Jollibee


Check out the full list of places that offer perks for fully vaccinated folks here.

If you’re like many others who have been itching to step out of your home, completing all your doses can actually remove the additional step of having to get tested in order to travel. Just recently, the government has declared a COVID-19 domestic vaccination card or a certificate of quarantine completion as sufficient documents for interzonal travel within the country. In essence, getting fully vaccinated can be an alternative requirement to getting COVID-tested of any kind.

Just keep in mind that an individual is considered fully vaccinated only if it’s been two weeks since the second shot of their two-dose vaccine, or the first of a single-dose brand. Of course, health protocols such as physical distancing and mask-wearing are still strongly enforced. 

Note: Some places may still require you to present a negative RT-PCR test along with your vaccination card. The decision to do so has been left to the LGUs so be sure to double-check the rules where you're headed before packing your bags.

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Disclaimer: While these perks are great and all, we still want to remind you that fully vaccinated individuals are still susceptible to the virus. We hope to achieve herd immunity in the country sooner or later, but until then, stay safe and be responsible whenever you go out. Always have alcohol on hand, physically distance yourself from others as much as possible and mask up at all times!

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