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The Funniest Ways People Are Practicing Social Distancing

They're getting creative!
The Funniest Ways People Are Practicing Social Distancing
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/siduations, katieismonster
They're getting creative!

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus as a pandemic. Among the many advises of health organizations and government units is to practice "social distancing," a term defined by experts as maintaining a safe distance (of at least six feet) between people to avoid transmission. This means that as much as possible, one must avoid close contact to others in private, and most especially in public spaces.

Of course, in the global panic of this now-pandemic virus, the internet has found humor in itwhat an optimistically human thing! Take a look at the hilarious measures people around the globe are taking in order to practice social distance.

1. Wear a giant disc.

An Italian man was spotted wearing a unique contraption along the streets of Rome. He created a giant disk which followed the suggested person-to-person distance, with two straps to hang it onto his shoulders. With the bright yellow color and only a small hole for his body, it was quite the funny sight.


2. Install a makeshift shield in the car.

Because in some cases, work must go on, but with especially heavy and consequentially funny safety precautions. Case in point: Drivers are conjuring up protective shields to keep distance from their passengers. They’re covered from all sides, leaving absolutely nothing to chance. Plus points for creativity!

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PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/katieismonster

3. Use pole-like apparatuses.

In Chinese hair salons, hairdressers are arming themselves with pole-like apparatuses to do their clients’ hair from a distance. Considering the situation in China, going to extremes feel necessary. All we hope for is that the hairdressers don’t make any mistakes with their styling!  



‘Social distancing’ can help stop the spread of ##coronavirus ##besafe

♬ Keep Your Distance - A2K

4. Learn this new handshake.

Goodbye to handshakes, hugs, and besos for now. In place of that, elaborate no-touch dancing to greet one another! Tiktok users are taking to the platform to do "handshakes" that involve cheery choreography, and of course, absolutely no contact between the two parties.


To help combat coronavirus, don’t shake hands. ##CoronavirusHandshake ##ElbowBump ##ParentTrap

♬ original sound - sherrihillofficial

5. See, even dogs are practicing social distancing.

Take a look at how Karylle's adorable puppy leans away from a beso every single time. 


##socialdistancing lessons by mini me the shihtzu. There is no awkward, let’s be safe, healthy and strong.

♬ original sound  - anakarylle

6. Here's the only grocery 'fit you need.

Stocking up on supplies for a whole month? Make sure you're fully protected when you go out for you grocery run!


7. Need to talk to someone? 

Take cues from this news reporter who interviewed a surgeon from behind a curtain. Hey, better be safe than sorry, right?

8. Bond with your friends online.

Who says you can't get your drink on with your buddies? If you can telecommute at a meeting, you can definitely do the same on Sangria Saturdays!


9. If you're riding the train today...

you might want to consider wearing this lewk.


10. Keep a safe distance and cop Naomi Campbell's airport style.

Of course, who can forget Naomi's now-iconic fit. She's the queen of traveling in the safest suit!

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