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Cookie Cereal Is the Newest TikTok Food Trend You Need to Make at Home

You definitely can't go wrong with this classic milk and cookies combo!
Cookie Cereal Is the Newest TikTok Food Trend You Need to Make at Home
You definitely can't go wrong with this classic milk and cookies combo!

Pancake cereal may have been all the rage last week, but it seems the trendy breakfast has found its match. People have quickly moved on to the newest novelty: cookie cereal. Makes total sense since we all know that milk and cookies go well together! Then again, they’re also perfect for those who can’t step out of their homes to pick up Cookie Crisp in the grocery.

Much like the pancake trend, cookie cereal gained traction on TikTok and on Instagram. This particular food craze began when food blogger Justin Schuble, @dcfoodporn on IG, posted a video of himself making the miniature treats on his account. “Is cookie cereal the next trend!? Would you try it!?? Next time I’m going to try with ice cream instead of milk,” he says in his caption. The TikTok version of his post currently has 485, 000 views. 


Cookie cereal spread like wildfire just a day after, prompting Justin to release a few tips on how you can make a bowl for yourself. Read up on the instructions below:

1. "Cut your cookie dough into even pieces. You want to make sure they bake evenly or else some will burn and others will be undercooked. Instead of rolling them into balls, just round the edges. And add an extra chocolate chip on top for a prettier final product."

2. "Bake at 350F for about seven minutes (cookies will still be a little soft). Let them sit on the counter and harden for a few minutes."

3. "Add a few spoonfuls of your mini cookies to a bowl and enjoy with milk. To avoid getting all the cookies soggy at once, only add a few bites to your bowl at a time."

4. "Try it with ice cream as a dessert!"

5. "Get creative! You can make any type of cookie into cookie cereal. Doesn’t have to be chocolate chip!!"

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Food and Travel blogger Valentina Mussi posted her own recipe for cookie cereal on her Instagram. This time though, instead of chocolate chip cookies like Justin's, she made use of snickerdoodle cookies, proving that you can play around with the trend as much as you want.

Check out her post below, complete with ingredients and measurements in the caption box!


Before cookie cereal went viral, Rachel Farnsworth, The Stay at Home Chef on YouTube, had actually already made a baking video for it two years ago. For a "healthy, hearty, and super tasty" breakfast, watch her instructional video below.

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