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10 Light-Hearted Comedies on Netflix if You’re in the Mood for a Good Laugh

10 Light-Hearted Comedies on Netflix if You’re in the Mood for a Good Laugh
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) White Chicks/Sony Pictures, Always Be My Maybe/Netflix
For when you've had your fill of tearjerkers and horrors!

It's spooky season once again, and it seems like there's no escaping the inevitable scary-movie night every October. And while some can easily brush off the bad vibes, we need something to take our minds off the ghouls and ghosts of what we just saw. For those on the same boat, we round up 10 comedies, from staples of the early aughts to newer bangers, to help you get over the dark imagery of spooky flicks.

Stream these 10 comedy movies on Netflix to help ease yourself post-spooky films:

White Chicks (2004) 


This oldie-but-goodie is always top of mind when we need a good laugh. It has tons of quotable quotes, yo' mama jokes, a dance-off, and the signature A Thousand Miles sing-along courtesy of Terry Crews. No bad juju can withstand the comedic power that is White ChicksWhite Chicks follows Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans as two FBI agents who go undercover as women to solve a kidnapping plot, all to hilarious results.

Set It Up (2018)


This romantic-comedy stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell, two overworked associates for really intense bosses. They hatch a plan to romantically link their respective higher-ups in hopes of the new romance distracting their managers and leaving them with more time for their personal life. This film, while not exactly a laugh-out-loud comedy, will get you in good spirits due to the comedic banter and insane chemistry between Deutch and Powell. The film also stars Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs, and Pete Davidson; a cast that makes the watch well worth it.


Isn't It Romantic (2019)


You know you're in for a good laugh when you've got Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine together in a film. This anti-rom-com romantic comedy will tickle your funny bone as it follows romantic comedy skeptic Natalie (Wilson) who suddenly finds herself living every cliched rom-com trope following an accident. She hilariously tries to find a way back to the real world and, inevitably, maybe finds love along the way. 

We're the Millers (2013)


We're the Millers stars a bunch of comedic powerhouses such as Jason SudeikisNick OffermanKathryn HahnEd Helms, and Will Poulter, along with Hollywood favorites Emma Roberts and Jennifer Anniston. And supposing that comedic ensemble isn't enough to convince you to watch this film for good vibes, maybe hearing the exaggerated storyline might tickle your fancy! The plot follows a small-time pot dealer (Sudeikis) who tries to convince his stripper neighbor (Anniston), along with two runaways (Pouter and Roberts), to help him smuggle drugs from Mexico to the United States to pay off some debt. What follows is an insane comedic road trip of this pretend family and tons of misadventures along the way.

Do Revenge (2022)

Do Revenge is a dark comedy starring young stars Maya HawkeCamilla Mendez, Sophie Turner, and Talia Ryder. It follows the story of how high school queen bee Drea (Mendez) seeks revenge after her fall from grace following a scandal leaked by her then-boyfriend. Drea gets help from social outcast Eleanor (Hawke), who has her own axe to grind with an old flame. The twosome then enact each other's revenge plot against those who hurt them. All this is happening against the backdrop of typical high school drama and comedy. Spoiler alert: everything is not as it seems in this movie, so best to watch with a clear mind.

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Wedding Season (2022)

This American-Indian film follows the fake dating trope and takes it to a new level. Asha (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravi (Suraj  Sharma) are set up on a blind date by their overeager parents hoping to arrange their marriage soon. Equally annoyed at their parents' meddling and at the judgment of their community, the two plot a fake relationship wherein they become each other's dates for the entire Indian wedding season. As with all phony dating tropes go, it soon turns real but will the guarded Asha allow herself to fall for Ravi, and will Ravi's secrets come back to bite him in the butt? Find out how these two atypical people manage their budding romance amidst the extreme expectations of society.

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

This comedy is the brainchild of comedians Randall Park and Ali Wong, so you know it'll bring good vibes. Always Be My Maybe (not to be confused with the Filipino rom-com of the same title) follows two childhood sweethearts, Marcus (Park) and Sasha (Wong), who, after a falling out, have not spoken in 15 years but are reunited suddenly. The story follows the two lovebirds as they try to move past what has happened and unpack their feelings for one another. But will they ever be honest enough with themselves to see their romance bloom? Find out by watching this banter-filled snappy, comeback comedy flick.

He's All That (2021)

While not exactly a laugh-out-loud comedy, this romantic teen movie is on this list for the feels and nostalgia. If the title seems familiar, it's because He's All That is a gender-swapped remake of the 1999 classic rom-com She's All That. This remake follows the same premise as the original, where the popular kid bets their friends they can make the geeky outcast popular. He's All That stars breakout TikTok personality Addison Rae as the lead Padgett, a social media influencer high school queen bee with a secret who slowly but surely falls for the object of her friendly bet Cameron, played by Tanner Buchanan.


Holidate (2020)

If you've ever been single during important holidays, family reunions, weddings, et cetera, you'd love this heartwarming comedy starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. Sloane (Roberts) is a young single woman who hates the holidays because of all the judgment she gets from her family about her love life. Meanwhile, Jackson (Bracey) is a young pro athlete uninterested in pursuing a serious romantic relationship. But, after a chance meetup while returning the presents they received during the holidays, the two concoct a plan to be each other's holidate, a platonic setup that allows both of them to be each other's company during holidays but without the pressure of romance. Sounds like a solid plan until they slowly catch feelings for one another. Watch the movie to find out how things play out between Sloane and Jackson.

House Bunny (2008)

The House Bunny is another cult-favorite comedy film. It stars Anna Faris, a then relatively unknown Emma StoneKat Dennings, and American Idol alum Katherine McPhee. In this hilarious comedy about outcasts and the fish-out-of-water trope, Faris plays Shelly, a former playboy bunny who was forced out of the playboy mansion and soon finds herself as the house mother of a sorority house filled with college outcasts on the verge of being disbanded. Together Shelly and the girls must band together to do what they can to save their sisterhood. 

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