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The Best Coffee-Flavored Desserts You Have To Try Today

For all the coffee addicts out there!
The Best Coffee-Flavored Desserts You Have To Try Today
IMAGE Facebook/Cake Rush, J.CO Donuts & Coffee Philippines
For all the coffee addicts out there!

Sure, coffee is great paired with desserts—but the other thing to know is that coffee is great in desserts. Its robust flavor profile works wonders in sweet and creamy forms, which is why you'll find it in everything from cakes to ice cream to sans rival.

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We've rounded up must-try coffee desserts no coffee lover can afford to miss. You can get them delivered, too!

Get your fix of coffee with these desserts:

1. Sebastian's Ice Cream's Up All Night (P405/pint)

PHOTO BY Myles Jamito/courtesy of Sebastian's

Sebastian's Up All Night ice cream gives you coffee in different forms—namely a cold-brew coffee ice cream base, an espresso fudge ribbon, and coffee-chocolate chunks. They use coffee from a special Sagada-bean roasted blend by SGD Coffee, too, so you know that this is robust-tasting stuff.

You can place your orders through their website two to four days in advance. They accept payments via Unionbank bank deposit and GCash and delivery through their in-house delivery vehicle.

For orders, check out Sebastian's Ice Cream's website.

2. Indulge Patisserie's Mocha Cake (starts at P1200)

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Mocha is a well-loved cake flavor among Filipinos, and Indulge Patisserie's version (P1200/nine-inch round, P2300/12-inch round, P2500/10-by-12 inch rectangle) is hard to beat with its combo of a light-as-air mocha chiffon and smooth coffee buttercream. You also have the option to add hand-piped buttercream flowers or even a message up to 30 characters.

You can order from their website, which accepts payments via bank deposit (BDO or BPI), Paymaya, GCash.

For orders, check out Indulge Patisserie's website.

3. Little Butter's Tiramisu (starts at P1300)

PHOTO BY Facebook/Little Butter

Little Butter makes a stellar version of Tiramisu (P1300/seven by seven inches, P2200/nine by 12 inches). Made with 100% Italian mascarpone cheese and coffee-soaked savoiardi, it's rich and decadent with a full-on creaminess—and manages to not be too sweet. Try it for yourself by messaging Little Butter on Facebook or Instagram.

For orders, send a message to Little Butter on Facebook or Instagram.

4. Cinnabuan's Mocha Chip Latte Cinnamon Rolls (P380/six pieces)


If you love adding cinnamon to your cappuccino, you'll love Cinnabuan's Mocha Chip Latte Cinnamon Rolls—a.k.a. pillowy cinnamon rolls topped with a coffee-cream cheese frosting and semi-sweet milk chocolate chips. You can get your own by sending Cinnabuan a message on social media and paying via Metrobank bank deposit or GCash.

For orders, send a message to Cinnabuan on Facebook or Instagram.

5. Cheesecakery's Baked Coffee Cheesecake (starts at P200/jar, P700/round cake)

PHOTO BY Cake Rush

Looking to experience coffee in a form that's as creamy as can be? Look no further than Cheesecakery's Baked Coffee Cheesecake, which is available in jars or as round cakes (P700/six inches, P1300/eight inches, P1950/10 inches). You can try them for yourself by messaging Cheesecakery on Facebook or Instagram, or ordering through Cake Rush (note that prices may vary).

For orders, send a message to Cheesecakery on Facebook or Instagram. You can also find Cheesecakery on Cake Rush's website.

6. J.CO Coffee & Donuts' Jcoccino (P45)

PHOTO BY Facebook/J.Co Donuts & Coffee, Philippines

Coffee and doughnuts are a well-loved pair, but what about coffee-flavored doughnuts? Try J.CO's Jcoccino (P45), which pairs their light and fluffy doughnut base with a cappuccino cream and cappuccino-chocolate dip, plus slivered almonds for extra nuttiness.

For delivery orders, find J.CO on GrabFood. For more information, check out J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Philippines' Facebook page.

7. Bungalow Café's Espresso Chocolate Cake (P250/slice, P2500/whole)

PHOTO BY Facebook/Bungalow Cafe

This Muntinlupa-based bakery has recently come out with the Espresso Chocolate Cake (P250/slice, P2500/whole), which pairs chocolate with espresso shots—they used Toby's Estate beans for this treat—and it's definitely the thing to pick you up in the middle of a dreary day. You can give them a call or check out their website to order; they don't deliver, but you can book your own courier to pick it up from their Muntinlupa location.

For orders, contact 8282-4546 or visit their website.

8. T Bakery's Coffee Bean Cookies (P130/25 pieces)


It doesn't get any cuter than T Bakery's Coffee Bean Cookies (P130/25 pieces). These are bite-sized cookies that look like coffee beans and taste like them, too—keep a stash nearby for a quick coffee-flavored fix anytime. You can get your fix by sending them a message on Instagram one day in advance. They accept payments via BDO bank deposit, GCash, and Paymaya.

For orders, send a message to T Bakery on Instagram.

9. Otter Breads' Sourdough Sienna (P320)

PHOTO BY Otter Breads

Otter Breads has a wide variety of sourdough breads—among which is their Sourdough Sienna (P320), or Sagada Arabica coffee-infused sourdough. We know, sourdough and coffee isn't exactly the most common pairing around, but hear us out: The coffee adds a welcome depth to the tangy sourdough, and it's perfect paired with both sweet and savory spreads—or even just a pat of softened butter. You can order through Otter Breads' website and pay via BPI bank deposit or GCash.

For orders, check out Otter Breads' website.

10. House of Sansrival's Mocha Torte (P700/regular, P1350/large)

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

House of Sansrival makes more than just great sans rival—be sure to leave space for their Mocha Torte (P700/regular, P1350/large), too. It pairs crisp and airy meringue layers with a smooth mocha buttercream plus nuts, and has a balanced flavor profile that isn't too rich nor sweet. Try it for yourself by sending House of Sansrival a message on social media; they accept payments via BPI or BDO bank deposit.

For orders, send a message to House of Sansrival on Facebook or Instagram.

11. Manila Creamery's Coffee Crumble Gelato (P380/pint, P1500/half-gallon)

PHOTO BY Manila Creamery

Manila Creamery is our favorite gelato spot in the city, and you can't go wrong with their Coffee Crumble Gelato (P380/pint, P1500/half-gallon), which pairs a smooth coffee gelato with chocolate brownie brittle for added crunch. You can place your orders through their website one to three days in advance. They accept payments via Paypal and bank deposit.

For orders, check out Manila Creamery's website.

12. Oh, Yum's Milk Coffee Jelly (starts at P125)

PHOTO BY Facebook/Oh Yum, Manila

If you're looking for a more refreshing way to get your coffee-dessert fix, try a cool serving of coffee jelly. You can try the dessert from Oh Yum, Manila, which makes makes bottled Milk Coffee Jelly in four must-try flavors—Vanilla (P125), Caramel (P135), Irish Cream (P145), and Toasted Mallows (P145). Just send Oh Yum, Manila a message on Facebook or Instagram, and pay via GCash, or through BDO or BPI bank transfer.

For orders, send a message to Oh Yum, Manila on Facebook or Instagram.


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