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This Is How an Intimate Wedding Is Set Up in GCQ

Clementine Catering Co. tells us how they mount beautiful and safe micro weddings.
This Is How an Intimate Wedding Is Set Up in GCQ Clementine Catering Co. tells us how they mount beautiful and safe micro weddings.

Weddings are among the many life events that have been greatly affected by the pandemic. Some couples have chosen to postpone to a later date, while others have found ways to continue with their nuptials albeit in a more intimate setting that complies with the general community quarantine (GCQ) guidelines.

There was a couple that celebrated their union with friends and family via Zoom. Another held a garden ceremony in the living room of their home with the help of their event stylist. Yet another couple pushed through and eloped in city hall, spending the rest of the day at home together (as per usual). Creativity reigns when it comes to mounting a mini wedding that’s just as memorable as its grander counterpart.

With immediate family now permitted to get-together, it’s also possible to have a small celebration for your nuptials with them. We talked to Clementine Catering Co. co-founder Samantha Bautista about the micro weddings they have set up for a few clients.

On complying with the GCQ guidelines

The wedding setups they are doing now are significantly smaller than pre-pandemic. If the average number of guests they would prepare for was 300 in the past, they now only cater to a maximum of 20. For example, their most recent clients had only 15 guests including the bride, groom, and their immediate family.

“Prior to agreeing to a wedding, we do a physical ocular first to see if the venue adheres to our high safety standards,” Sam says. They make sure that there is an adequate amount of space for guests to practice physical distancing and for the staff to operate safely.


When it comes to their staff, Clementine adheres to the necessary health protocols like completed health questionnaires, providing their staff with surgical masks, face shields, gloves, and requiring them to sanitize their hands every 30 minutes. Apart from using more vehicles to ensure social distancing among their staff in transport, they also house those actively on duty to prevent any contamination among their staff.

“The biggest hurdle has always been shouldering the responsibility in ensuring everyone's safety during the event,” says Sam. “With very strict safety protocols, we get to lower the risk, and our clients get to focus on enjoying their special day.”

On creating a memorable yet safe setup

Clementine prides itself in its personalized setups and menus. So how does this translate to what Sam calls a “Micro Wedding”? 

She explains: “We took the essential elements of the wedding reception—great food and bespoke styling—as the non-negotiables and we adapted it to what is allowed during the GCQ, so that even in an intimate setting, a wedding remains a joyful celebration.” They have even added details to give guests an added feeling of safety like pre-sterilized utensils that are individually packed for each guest, as well as a paper bag to store face masks in while they are eating.

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Instead of the grazing tables they used to set up for cocktails, they provide each one with personalized mini graze boxes that guests can enjoy while they are seated.

A small wedding like this can be mounted in as little as 2 weeks, subject to availability. Prospective clients can email or message cel. nos. 0917 871 7123 and 0917 7229004 to inquire about a schedule and discuss food and styling ideas.


While it may not be the grand reception many couples originally hoped for, Clementine is one such event supplier that has been able to help set up a beautiful, memorable and safe celebration in a more intimate way. Sam affirms: “With these protocols in place, the guests are assured that they are in a safe space so that they have peace of mind and really be able to celebrate what's important that day”

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