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10 Classic Nail Polish Shades That Will Never Go Out of Style

Count on these timeless colors!
10 Classic Nail Polish Shades That Will Never Go Out of Style
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Count on these timeless colors!

We recently gave you a guide on how to build a timeless wardrobe; that is, choosing clothes in styles and colors that would last you a long time and that you can use over and over. The same mindset can be applied to your beauty kit—it’s a good philosophy to follow when choosing products that will serve you in the long run. In the list below, we round up 10 classic nail colors to shop if you want to assemble a collection of nail polishes that offer variety, wearability, and lasting power through trend shifts and seasonal changes.

These shades would work whatever outfits you wear, whatever skin tone you have, and whatever mood you’re in. As with your wardrobe, you can feel free to also purchase more unique colors that suit your personal style, but these 10 shades will be your no-fail options and a great starting point for when you’re just beginning to put together a personal collection.


Check out these classic nail polish shades fit for all seasons and skin tones:

OPI Nail Polish in My Gondola or Yours? 


OPI nail lacquer in My Gondola or Yours, P450, Lazada

As with clothing, black is always a good place to start. Try this OPI nail polish in a true black shade known as My Gondola or Yours?, a color inspired by the shadowy depths of Venetian canals. If you already have lots of black in your closet (and who doesn’t?), then you know how versatile and reliable the color can be—at once edgy and timeless, sophisticated and casual, youthful and mature.

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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color in White on Time 

PHOTO BY Sally Hansen

SALLY HANSEN Insta-Dri nail color in White on Time, P345,

Just as black is an essential, so is its spectral opposite. Pure white leaves your nails with a pristine finish that looks great with any and all outfits. This Sally Hansen polish is a great option thanks to its quick-drying formula that will help prevent dents and scratches, so you can get great looking nails on the go even when you’re applying it yourself. Plus, the color white is a must-have in your collection for creating classic French tips, arguably the most elegant and timeless nail look of all.


Sunnies Face Play Paint in Alpaca 

PHOTO BY Sunnies Face

SUNNIES FACE Play Paint polish in Alpaca, P245, Laz Mall

If you want to add a little variety to your manicure while still sticking to bright, neutral shades, try a cream color like this polish from Sunnies Face in the shade Alpaca. The eggshell hue has just a touch of warm, buttery yellow in the undertone, creating a refined shade with the same opulence and elegance as a classic pair of pearl earrings.


Happy Skin Sanrio Express Gel Polish in Peaches and Cream 

PHOTO BY Happy Skin

HAPPY SKIN Sanrio Express gel polish in Peaches and Cream, P299,

Peach is an essential color for any makeup collection and we’re sure you love the warm, sun-kissed effect it leaves on your lips and cheeks. The same goes for your nail polish, too—it’s a universally flattering color that brings life to the skin and adds vibrance without being overwhelming. Try this gel polish from Happy Skin called Peaches and Cream, which is reminiscent of your fave nude peach lippie. The light color will give you a “my nails but better” look, which is to say natural, but brighter, glossier, and more (excuse the pun) polished.


Essie Nail Polish in Mind-Full Meditation 


ESSIE nail polish in Mind-Full Meditation, P400, Laz Mall

Gray might seem like a less-common color option, but you’d be surprised how versatile and flattering it can be. Plus, the neutral color can work for all seasons, outfits, and skin tones and is a great option when you’re not in the mood for white or black. This dusky Mind-Full Meditation from Essie has a touch of apricot in the undertone to keep it from looking dull. It will leave your nails with a gorgeous lacquer that has the same understated elegance as marble.


Girlstuff Nail Lacquer in Naked 

PHOTO BY GIrlstuff

GIRSLSTUFF nail lacquer in Naked, P150,

They say you can never have too many nude lippies and we like to apply the same philosophy to our nail polish. While trends like vampy violets or neon shades may come and go, we seem to always find ourselves leaning towards those rustic earth tones that so effortlessly flatter the skin. This nude nail shade—aptly called Naked—from Girlstuff is perfect for minimalist dressers. It’ll look especially chic worn with other nude pieces or even elegant all-white ensembles.


Ella + Mila Nail Polish in So In Love

PHOTO BY Ella + Mila

ELLA + MILA nail polish in So In Love, P575,

There are many varieties of pink, but to start out we recommend a classic, true pink like this color from Ella + Mila called So In Love. Its neutral undertone—not too orange nor too violet—and light hue keep the color from being over-the-top or difficult to pull off. However, it still has that same punchiness, romance, and unapologetic femininity that bright shades of bubblegum are known to exude.


Orly Nail Lacquer in Coffee Break


ORLY nail lacquer in Coffee Break, P425,

Shades of brown can be just as versatile as black or white, but they have a more muted, earthy feel that can help ground your look and make it more serene and effortless. You might want to check out this light mocha shade called Coffee Break from Orly. It has a warm reddish undertone that keeps it from looking muddy or unflattering; and would look great on any skin tone.


Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish in Call Out My Name 

PHOTO BY Deborah Lippmann

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Gel Lab Pro nail polish in Call Out My Name, P925,

Think of lavender as pink’s more grown-up cousin. It’s a handy option to keep in your collection when you want something with just a little more stand-out power, but not too out-of-the-box. Go for this light lavender shade from Deborah Lippmann for a sophisticated look with just a touch of quirk and playfulness. This subdued variation of the color keeps the shade wearable and low-key, but still lots of fun.


Innisfree Real Color Nail in 11

PHOTO BY Innisfree

INNISFREE Real Color nail polish in 11, P180, Shopee

You know by now that red is a staple in your makeup collection and pretty much every beauty junkie has their own holy-grail scarlet shade when it comes to lipsticks. The classic color is a timeless option for looks that exude sensuality and confidence. Try this primary red shade from Innisfree’s Real Color Nail line if you want to rock the look.


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