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Sustainable Holiday Decor Ideas to Try This Christmas

Your home will feel as festive as ever.
Sustainable Holiday Decor Ideas to Try This Christmas
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Your home will feel as festive as ever.

Nothing gets us more excited about the holidays than festive décor strewn across our home. Most people shop for brand new accoutrements every year to adorn their living area with, but we believe in mindful consumption and sustainable living. In an effort to curb the constant need to buy, buy, buy, we’ve put together a list of holiday decorating ideas plus options that have the least impact on the environment.

Recycled and Repurposed


Negrense Volunteers for Change or the NVC Foundation was established to provide livelihood, education, and nutrition programs for the poor in the Philippines. One of their projects is called Artisans of Hope, where artisans are trained to create décor out of repurposed material. Out of donated Nespresso capsules and pulverized eggshells, they create Christmas ornaments, figurines that form the Nativity scene, and many more. Aside from making a sustainable livelihood for the artisans, the project also supports the Mingo Meals program that aims to feed undernourished Pinoy kids.

Go Natural

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These limited-edition corn husk angels and tree toppers from Frankie & Friends General Store are made with natural materials. If you stock them properly, you can reuse this for many years to come. Plus, don’t they look gorgeous? Definitely a unique addition to your home.

Light It Up

What’s a Christmas tree without lights, right? But invest in LED Christmas lights to not only reduce your energy use but also to save on energy costs. It’s a win-win situation! While you’re at it, schedule the time you light up your tree, rather than leaving them on the entire night. One, you don’t want a fire hazard anyway; and two, you can reduce your energy consumption during the holiday season.


Get Creative

You’ll be surprised to know how much some scratch paper and a pair of scissors can do to transform a room. All you need to figure out is the folding technique (check out this tutorial that’s easy to follow) and you can experiment with different cuts to create all kinds of shapes. Stick on your walls or string together with some baker’s twine and you’ve got an instant Winter Wonderland in your living room. Plus, you don’t even need to buy anything to make these!


Stocking Stuffers

Instead of buying brand new stockings to hang for Christmas, why not sew together scraps of cloth from shirts you don’t use anymore? It’s a great way to repurpose your clothes and it adds a personal touch to your stockings, too!

Go on a Nature Walk


Make it a fun activity with kids and go on a nature walk. Pick up dried leaves and twigs along the way and once you’ve gathered enough, put together a homemade wreath to hang up in your home.

Cork It

Here’s something you can do with the countless corks you’ve accumulated from all those wine nights with your girlfriends. Pretty easy to put together and you can decorate with stuff you already have lying around like the ribbon you’ve kept from last year’s gifts.


Make It Last Forever

If you really can’t help but shop for décor (if you just moved into a new place and no longer have décor to put up), go for items that will last you a long time. This way, you create memories with every piece, and you take them along with you throughout the years instead of just using them once and disposing of them right away. Make sure to go for durable material (skip the flimsy plastic ornaments!) to ensure they’re keepers.


Mood Lighting

Head over to your pantry and grab the empty jars of peanut butter, mayo, and what-have-you. Soak them in a bit of warm soapy water to peel off the labels if you haven’t already to prep them. Arrange the empty jars on your dining table and transform them into a Christmas centerpiece. Use jars of varying sizes and fill them up with votive candles (these burn longer than tea lights) and watch them instantly add warmth to any holiday gathering.


Got other decorating tips that won’t have an impact on the environment, too? Share them with other Preview girls in the comments below! Let’s have a merry and sustainable Christmas.

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