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This Ferrero-Topped Ice Cream Cake Is the Chocolatey Treat You Need Today

It's as smooth and creamy as it gets.
This Ferrero-Topped Ice Cream Cake Is the Chocolatey Treat You Need Today
IMAGE Joanna Manalastas Calasanz
It's as smooth and creamy as it gets.

Life is tough, what with the many decisions you have to make on a daily basis—like should you end your meal with ice cream, or cake? Thankfully, you don't always have to choose: online seller Chokokeki by H & Co. makes a dessert called Chokokeki that melds ice cream and cake into one melt-in-your-mouth, ultra-chocolatey dessert you can't miss.

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Can't choose between cake and ice cream? This dessert is for you!
PHOTO BY Joanna Manalastas Calasanz


The Chokokeki is a chocolate ice-cream cake that's ultra-smooth and lush on the tongue, with a welcome sandy crunch from its graham-cracker crust. It's then crowned with Ferrero Rocher balls for an extra dose of chocolate and crunch. Its velvety texture and rich flavor makes it the perfect finish to any meal, or pick-me-up in the middle of a dreary day—don't be surprised if you find yourself going for a second (or third) serving.

We may or may not have gone back for seconds. Or thirds....
PHOTO BY Joanna Manalastas Calasanz
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Try the Chokokeki for yourself by sending Chokokeki a message on Instagram two to three days in advance. A five-inch cake goes for P1,400 while an eight-inch cake goes for P2,350, inclusive of delivery within Metro Manila, and they accept payments via cash on delivery.

For orders, send a message to Chokokeki's Instagram page.

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