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This Filipina Went to Itaewon Class' Filming Location and Saw Park Seo Joon

This Filipina Went to Itaewon Class' Filming Location and Saw Park Seo Joon
We wish we could all be this lucky!

Who else can claim that they’ve met their oppa in the flesh? As it turns out, Chloe Lopez of the Korean fanpage The Saranghe Oppa is one of the lucky few who've had a fateful encounter.

During her recent trip to Seoul, the Filipina jokingly messaged her idol and Itaewon Class lead star Park Seo Joon: "Lets meet. I'm in Seoul. Please,” she wrote, knowing full well, of course, that her messages would be left unanswered. 

She even mistakenly spotted a lookalike of the K-drama actor in Myeongdong. But shortly after, it seemed like fate was on this fangirl's side after all. Two days later while on her way home from Ehwa, Chloe chanced upon the one and only Park Seo Joon—who was in character while filming Itaewon Class, no less! Talk about a stroke of absolute luck! 



Following her idol sighting, Chloe also found DanBam, a.k.a. Park Seo Joon’s fictional restaurant from Itaewon Class. “They already removed the signage 'DanBam' pero kita pa rin naman and merong poster ng Itaewon Class,” she wrote on her Facebook post. 

If you’re looking to visit the iconic location yourself, Chloe reveals that one can find it in Noksapyeong, Itaewon. She told Preview, "For the filming location, it's really easy to find, you can just walk straight from Itaewon exit #1 until you see McDonald's, then that's it!"

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What a lucky fangirl!

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