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Check Out What Stole the Show At #PreviewXXII

It definitely made a statement at the party.
Check Out What Stole the Show At #PreviewXXII

The #PreviewXXII party was all about making a statement, and all the guests happily brought their A-game. From slogan-emblazoned tops to show-stopping outfit details, there was no shortage of fashionable expressions that night. But one of the top statement-makers of the night was an unexpected attendee: the sleek Nissan Juke N-Style the guests wrote on for the world to know what moves them.

There’s no better car to make a grand entrance at #PreviewXXII than the Juke N-Style, a cross between a sports car and an SUV. Its dynamic control system lets you switch between various driving modes easily, letting you cruise on the road effortlessly. “It delivers a very exciting performance when you’re driving it. It makes you stand out,” says Dax Avenido, Nissan Senior Manager for Marketing and Communications.

Watch the video below to see #PreviewXXII’s Nissan Juke N-Style in action:

Learn more about the Nissan Juke N-Style here, and visit Nissan Philippines' Facebook page for more updates.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Nissan.