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5 Celebrity-Approved Kitchen Appliances to Invest in Now

From a juicer to a multipurpose instant pot.
5 Celebrity-Approved Kitchen Appliances to Invest in Now
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/erichgg, Hurom, INSTAGRAM/iammajasalvador, Delonghi
From a juicer to a multipurpose instant pot.

The kitchen is a sacred place for any food and drink lover. While ordering might be an instant fix to your cravings, you have to admit whipping up a meal or drink yourself is a lot more satisfying, and is guaranteed to save you more money in the long run. Of course, investing in the right appliances to ease your kitchen prep remains a must, and we’re one step ahead of you in that department.

Below, we list down five handy kitchen appliances to invest in, as seen from these celebrity homes.

1. Hurom Juicer

As seen in: Erich Gonzales’ vlog

Get your daily dose of a DIY healthy drink with the help of this juicer from Hurom. It’s the same tool actress Erich Gonzales uses to get her celery juice fix every morning. Watch her vlog here to see how it works.

hurom juicer

Hurom H26/HAA, P24,995, HUROM PH,

2. Samsung Smart Oven

As seen in: Team Kramer’s house tour

If you’re investing in a multipurpose quality oven, then you might want to take notes from the Kramer family and their Samsung Smart Oven. As per the brand’s website, this digital all-in-one kitchen solution can bake, grill, steam, slim fry, microwave, or ferment your food at any given moment. Oh, and it also promises to significantly reduce your cooking time, too!

samsung smart oven
PHOTO BY Samsung
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35L Smart Oven, P29,995, SAMSUNG,

3. Instant Pot Duo

As seen in: Kryz Uy’s vlog

Another multifunctional kitchen appliance that might just spark your interest is an Instant Pot, as highly recommended by Kryz Uy. It can apparently act as a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a warmer, and even a yogurt maker! “There are so many things you can do with an Instant Pot. I even saw this video where you can replace your whole kitchen with just that one appliance,” said the vlogger.

instant pot
PHOTO BY Instant Pot

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Multifunctional Smart Pressure Cooker, INSTANT POT, P5995, Lazada

4. Wine Cooler

As seen in: Kryz Uy’s kitchen tour

This one’s specifically for all the wine lovers out there. If you don’t have space for a wine cellar just conveniently lying around on your property, then you can always get the next best alternative for your bottles: a wine cooler! Check out this Tylr Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler, similar to what Kryz and Slater Young have in their home.

tylr wine cooler

17 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler, P14,995, TYLR HOME,

5. MultiFry Extra Chef

As seen in: Maja Salvador’s house tour

Here’s another multi-cooker for your kitchen: De'Longhi’s MultiFry Extra Chef. As seen in Maja Salvador’s home tour, it also doubles as a low-oil fryer that lets you “rapidly fry tasty fresh potatoes in a healthier way with minimum oil and to prepare a variety of recipes.”

mutlfry extra chef
PHOTO BY Delonghi

De'Longhi MultiFry Extra Chef, P22,800, DE'LONGHI, Concept Specialist

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