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All the Times Catriona Gray Spoke Like a True Queen to Shut Down Bashers

All the Times Catriona Gray Spoke Like a True Queen to Shut Down Bashers
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Miss Universe 2018 is all about women supporting women.

With our without a title, Catriona Gray is a queen in her own right. The impact of Miss Universe 2018 is undeniable that fans have even coined the term "Catriona Gray Effect," pertaining to her impressive pageant performance that have become some sort of a blueprint for the aspiring beauty queens that came after her. Although she's loved by many, she still knows all too well the feeling of being targeted by bashers. The beauty queen may be a constant source of light and inspiration, but that unfortunately won't stop trolls from spreading hate towards her. That said, she continues to promote positivity and kindness. Additionally, Cat's not one to condone any form of hate (or bullying!) towards her fellow beauty queens. Scroll down to find out what we mean!

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1. When she had the best response to netizens body-shaming Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu

In a series of TikTok videos posted by the Miss Universe Organization, the reigning queen, Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu was answering fan questions and greeting netizens a Happy International Women's Day. In the comment sections, some users made unsolicited comments about her supposed weight gain.


Catriona gave thoughts on the matter in an interview with columnist Nickie Wang. She said, “It's really unfortunate that the public still finds the need to tear women down in that way. We're campaigning so hard that beauty queens or Miss Universe should be more than an image," she said. Defending Harnaaz, she added: "She is not limited by what her body shape is. She is a spokesperson at the end of the day."

Catriona also says, “What message do we send to other young girls or other young people in the public or on social media when they read those comments and compare their bodies?” She reminds people that no one deserves to be ridiculed for how they look. "Let's celebrate women for what they give to the table which is their voice, their platform," she puts it simply. You go, Cat!

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2. When she revealed how she felt about being compared to Pia Wurtzbach

Although having having two Miss Universe winners from the Philippines is something to celebrate, many can't help but compare Catriona and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. FYI though, the two beauty queens are not even enemies! In a press conference, Catriona revelead her true feelings on the matter. “Honestly, there is no issue between us as individuals or even as queens,” she says. “It would be nice for that kind of perception or conversations to end because we wanna celebrate each other and we always celebrate each other, maybe not in the most public of ways, but we’re all communicating and supporting each other." A queen supporting another queen!

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3. When she posted a barefaced selfie and normalized showing off one's natural skin texture

After seeing retouched photos of stars flaunting their seemingly flawless skin, it may be easy to feel ashamed of our own pores, spots, peach fuzz, and dry patches. This is why Catriona's barefaced selfies are so encouraging. They remind us that textured skin is completely normal.

"Just jumping on here with a barefaced selfie to remind you that even though in photoshoots, makeup, and IG story filters, my skin looks 'flawless' reality I have pores, oilines, fine lines, breakouts, beauty spots, and moles...and I'm perfectly fine with that. This is just a kind, little reminder to remember that what we see online is a curated feed, and that we shouldn't compare that to our everyday reality," she wrote on Instagram. With or without makeup, she's definitely a stunner!

PHOTO BY Instagram/catriona_gray
4. When she disagreed
 with term “copycat" when referring to beauty pageant candidates

Showbiz reporter Albert Byran of Chikkaness once asked Catriona a question that’s been on the minds of a lot of pageant fans: "How do you feel when [Miss Universe] candidates or contestants who copy your performance? Parang nagiging copycat?"

“I don't know but I don't agree with the term 'copycat'? I understand the resemblance perhaps with my brand? Because I was very consistent with the ear cuffs, and the turns, and the slit in the dress. My branding was very consistent from the Nationals [competition] to Miss Universe," Catriona answered. "So I understand maybe the resemblance in silhouettes? But I don’t feel like I can take ownership for the side-part [hair], the slit in the dress, or the ear cuff! It's not mine to own.”

Catriona also pointed that each girl has their own path to follow. “I also know that in the journey of representing your country and pageantry it is all about the girl feeling her most beautiful, her most empowered and her most confident. So if that is in [a similar] style, then own it! That doesn’t necessarily put them at a disadvantage,” she adds. “But each girl has her own journey. And if they went with that [particular] style it means that they feel beautiful and confident in that. And who are we to say that it affects their journey? It's their journey and it's how they wish to portray themselves through it!” Well said, Cat!


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