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9 Practical Career Advice to Learn From These Successful Filipinas

These young career women will inspire you to make a change.
9 Practical Career Advice to Learn From These Successful Filipinas
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These young career women will inspire you to make a change.

The pressure to gain success in our careers is something we often face, especially in the age of social media. It’s an unspoken truth that what we see on our feeds isn’t actually real life and yet, we’re still guilty of comparing how we measure up other people’s highlight reels. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of quarter-life crisis, we need to keep in mind that every successful woman you see online were actually once a beginner. And so, we’ve gathered nine practical career advice from these young successful Filipinas that will inspire you to make a change and excel in your career.

Audrey Pe, Founder, Women In Tech (WiTech)


1. The road to success can be tough so it’s important to remain focused.

"Some of the really low moments for me was crying in my high school’s bathroom because I’m just so tired. And what made me really not give up in that moment was just the desire to make change in my community and my fear that nothing was just going to change if I didn’t act upon it. I realized that giving up would just really mean me prioritizing perfection over bravery."

Ayen Dela Torre, Co-founder, Where To Next

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2. The power of listening is important when connecting to an audience.

"There’s so much noise out there online and it’s good because the barrier to entry is so low now. But at the same time, because there’s so much out there, it’s hard to stand out. And I think the main reason why our platform is still around is because we learned the value of listening. From listening to our audience, seeing what resonates with them, asking them how they can be part of this and really trying to make content that means something more than just personal gratification."

Tina Tanlapco, Corporate Executive; Entrepreneur at A Little Montessori


3. Respect boundaries when posting content online.

"If you want to put something out there that’s of value, it’s has to be respectful as well. It can just be your opinion but the way you say it is gonna make or break. So, if you wanna put out your opinion, it has to be respectful. And so respectful would mean [asking yourself]: Am I harming myself or am I harming others?"

Carmel Valencia, Corporate Communications, L’Oreal

4. Instead of imposing change, make people understand your mission instead.

"In instigating change, one of the most important lessons I realized in overcoming road blocks was how do you resonate with someone. It’s because resonating is your entry to a bigger conversation. A conversation where you can actually put things out there."

Anna Oposa, Chief Mermaid, Save Philippine Seas


5. Let your ideas be heard by reaching out to people who can help you.

"Write a letter to the right person. We complain a lot, we whine a lot, we rant a lot but see, if we don’t write a letter, there’s a 100% chance that you’re not going to make a difference. If you write that letter, there’s a 50% chance that you will so take that chance. We forget that we live in a democracy and it’s a privilege to reach out to our leaders."

Yani Hornilla, Country Head, Canva Philippines


6. You don’t need impressive titles to have a purposeful career.

"I think you can have multiple purposes and missions in life. It all just depends on what you choose to do and how much you choose to impact those around you. It took time for me to figure it out because there’s so many options. But as long as you’re able to inspire other people or impact people around you then you’re doing it, you’re serving well."

Reese Fernandez, Co-founder, Rags2Riches and Things That Matter; Entrepreneur


7. It’s okay to start small.

"Never underestimate the power of small steps. Sometimes we get too bogged down by the idea of if I can’t do it big, then why do it at all? But a step is always better than not advancing at all. When you make a decision, even if it’s small, even if it’s personal, it makes an impact. Maybe not in the world yet but definitely in you; and that impacts the people around you."

Arriane Serafico, Author of Existential Courage; Founder of The Purposeful Creative


8. Instead of glorifying busyness, learn how to prioritize what matters most.

"Being able to articulate everyday what is most important to me right now helps me make more sound decisions about what to say no to or say yes to. To me it’s not much about doing everything, to me it’s more about doing what’s important."


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Bianca Gonzalez, TV Host; Co-founder of She Talks Asia, Author of Paano Ba ‘To

9. Remember that success is not a race.

"You really can have it all but not at the same time; you can do it all but with help. It’s important to remember that we have different timelines. If one person is a millionaire at 20 years old, it doesn’t mean that you’re worthless. Some people reach their peak early and some at a later time."

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