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Secret’s Out: Camille Co is Expecting a Baby!

You’ll love how she told Joni the news.
Secret’s Out: Camille Co is Expecting a Baby! You’ll love how she told Joni the news.

You won’t believe it, but Camille Co is already 26 weeks into her pregnancy. With her naturally tiny frame, the right camera angles, and loose baby doll silhouettes being on trend now, the photos in her regularly updated Instagram did not tattle on her big news. 

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But the social media darling officially revealed it today in a vlog on her YouTube channel, and she indulged us with a candid interview about her journey thus far. With her natural gift for levity, you’re sure to crack a smile while reading her answers.

On Making Sure She Was Really, Really Pregnant


When you’re trying to get pregnant, taking a pregnancy test can in fact be nerve-wracking. Camille shares: 

“I’m pretty lucky really because I didn’t get much symptoms. I was just late and I’m usually pretty regular so I took the test and there it was. Positive. 

“I did 3 home pregnancy tests, LOL. I wasn’t sure how it goes and felt that the first one was too faint. Maybe I did something wrong! Did I put too much pee on it??? Did I wait too long? [Laughs.] I just had to do three consecutive ones to be extra, extra sure.”

Those of you reading that have gone through the same will give a nod to wanting to be really sure. Being pregnant can make a ton of questions pop into your head, and changes can happen at any time. Even now that the couple knows the gender of their baby, Camille shares that part of her wants to wait for the next ultrasound to get full confirmation, even if the sonologist said that her last scans were conclusive.

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How She Told Joni the Big News


“It was a failure!” she said with a laugh. True to form, she wanted to break the news in a cute way. She was planning to have him order pizza and put a note in the box for him to see, but he got to the pizzas before she could slip the announcement in.


Sometime later, she seized her chance when he stepped away from the dining room for a bit. She snuck the note into the pizza box, as well as another note in a box of nuggets that her sister helped get (just in case he opened that first). “He didn’t get it at first,” Camille revealed. “He was like, "What are these tests?" Then he read the note and finally got it. He was very happy. Over the moon!”

My Sister, My Support

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Camille Co

That wasn’t the only time her sister helped her during this pregnancy. Camille says that she’s so thankful to have her achi Charlotte Co by her side right now.

When she was feeling sad and deprived because of the diet restrictions her doctor advised, Camille had to switch to a gluten- and dairy-free diet, her sister advised her to have cheat days once in a while to lift her spirits. In the first trimester, when she was put-off by savory smells and couldn’t bring herself to cook, Charlotte came and stayed with them to take over kitchen duties.

Truly, Camille is so appreciative of the support her sister has given her.

Perfect Partners


It’s easy to see how symbiotic Camille and Joni’s relationship is. “He’s always been a partner, in every sense of the word,” she said, adding that “Even without kids, he’s my partner here at home, with our dogs, with my work, with everything. We are equals and we like supporting each other.”

Now that they are expecting their first child, Joni’s been extra attentive. “He actually makes me morning smoothies to make sure I have all the nutrients I need. He also ‘tries’ to cook for me, more so during my first trimester on days my sister wasn’t around and I really had no energy to do anything.”

Musing on being pregnant during a pandemic, Camille puts into words a sentiment that perhaps many expectant parents feel as a result of stricter guidelines in hospitals and clinics: “The biggest con for me is that Joni doesn’t get to experience it all with me. He didn’t get to experience the first ultrasound, the first time I saw our baby. We didn’t hear the first heartbeat together, the first diagnosis.”


The Baby, The Bright Side


However, ever the optimistic person that she is, she very much sees the bright side:

“The biggest pro, I think, is that our baby is truly a blessing and has given me so much joy,” she shared. “I’m already naturally a joyful person but Joni says our baby makes me extra joyful.” 


Their baby is due in 2021 and she has a lovely message for him or her:

“I’ll say you were born during a new beginning. So much of our old ways will change come 2021. 2020 definitely taught us a lot. 2021 is a year to adapt, to change, to improve. So like the year you were born dear baby, don’t be afraid of change. Change is good.”

Watch Camille's vlog below!

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