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5 Important Things to Remember When Planning a Destination Wedding

Score tips from newlyweds Camille Co and Joni Koro!
5 Important Things to Remember When Planning a Destination Wedding
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Score tips from newlyweds Camille Co and Joni Koro!

Planning a wedding is indeed a daunting task—what more when you're doing it in another country, right? Camille Co and Joni Koro gladly took on the challenge and it resulted in one of the most #aesthetic and fun weddings we've seen. But how exactly did they manage to mount their gorgeous Italian nuptials? In Camille's latest #CoKoro vlog, the couple explains all the deets that went into planning their dream destination wedding. They even laid out some tips to consider if you want to do the same for yours.

We took down notes on the five important tips we got from Camille and Joni:

1. Decide on a destination wedding if it will make sense for all involved.

In Camille's beauty argument, the bride requested to have a wedding in a colder place because humidity tends to make her more oily. Next, the couple considered their guests. Joni's Finnish friends and family will be coming all the way from the north and traveling could be taxing on them if they held the wedding somewhere in Asia.


2. Fix all the wedding documents in your native country.

You don't wanna stress about the legality of your marriage in a different country so it's best you get your marriage license and have everything done locally.

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3. Choose a place where the food and weather will be pleasing to everyone.

After the couple had eliminated Asian countries as a possible destination, they settled on three European countries as the final candidates: Spain, South of France, and South of Italy. Ultimately, they eliminated Spain (because the weather was too hot) and South of France (because the food might not be a familiar choice for everyone in their guest list). 

4. Learn when to stop searching.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with options, but as Joni says, if you think it's already good, then trust your gut.

5. Go prepared and enjoy the moment.

Fly in a day or two earlier than your guests to assess and address all the necessary issues before the wedding. Be prepared in all possible scenarios as Camille explains that "any last-minute changes will be hard for you" since you're in a different country. Finally, if little things don't go your way, don't stress on it! Just enjoy the moment; your wedding isn't a whole production—it's your celebration of love.


Play the video below for more tips from the #CoKoro couple!

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