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BuyBust Receives Glowing Reviews at the New York Asian Film Festival

Congratulations, Anne Curtis and director Erik Matti!
BuyBust Receives Glowing Reviews at the New York Asian Film Festival
Congratulations, Anne Curtis and director Erik Matti!

Director Erik Matti's latest film BuyBust, starring Anne Curtis, has opened to critical acclaim and rave reviews at the New York Asian Film Festival!

A story about a team of anti-narcotics agents assigned to infiltrate a drug den in one of Manila's most dangerous slums, BuyBust takes an even bloodier turn when the area's residents trap and hunt them down, seeking vengeance for the civilian casualties their previous raids have taken. The squad's goal turns from busting a drug lord's seedy transaction to simply making it out of the labyrinth-like alleys alive.

It's a breath-bater for sure, and Variety had only good things to say about the film: Critic Richard Kuipers championed Erik's masterpiece, saying that the director "delivered an explosive exercise in kinetic cinema that also offers potent commentary on the devastating social consequences of the Philippine government’s war on drugs."

Of Anne's acting, Richard was full of praise, too. "In a radical departure from her usual rom-com roles, dual Australian-Filipino national Curtis is convincing and charismatic as the determined and amazingly resourceful heroine. Performances from the rest of a huge cast are spot-on, right down to bit parts."


That isn't all this gem of a movie's garnered. The Hollywood Reporter was quick to zero in on BuyBust's soci0-political commentary and the nature of the director's work: "Taking no prisoners in the film's sweeping critique of the social malaise eating at [Erik's] country, he has intensified his crusade against the Philippines' slide toward mob rule, a scenario he brought to the screen in his more allegorical Honor Thy Father (2015) and Seclusion (2016)." Writer Clarence Tsui dubbed the film "furious" and "ultraviolent"...with good reason.

Can't wait to watch? Us ,too! BuyBust will premiere in the Philippines on August 1, and is set to be available worldwide on Netflix starting November 1.