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Are We Finally Getting the Long-Awaited Edit Button on Twitter?

Yes and no.
Are We Finally Getting the Long-Awaited Edit Button on Twitter?
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Yes and no.
Twitter has always been the bane of our existence. Well, we exaggerate; but tell that to the social media manager who missed a typo on a tweet that he/she can't delete anymore because it already got so much Likes and RTs. The platform, unlike Facebook and Instagram, doesn't have an edit option; and users just had to deal with that for the longest time. But Twitter recently promoted how third-party platform, Brizzly+, now has an "edit feature." Or at least that's what they're saying. Officially, Brizzly+ is calling it "Undo."

In an announcement posted on March 10, Brizzly+ says that it's "the closest thing to an Edit Button for Twitter." If you link your Twitter account to the platform, you'll see an Undo button that lets you unpublish your tweet. The grace period is up to 10 minutes. It's more like Gmail's Undo button that lets you unsend your e-mail.



So if you're the type that misses an "s" and gets anxious when that happens, Brizzly+ might be an option. It's just that the platform is a paid service with subscriptions starting at U.S.$2.49 (roughly P121) a month. But they do have a two-week trial period in case you want to test it out first.

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