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What This Weekend's Blood Moon Means, According to an Astrologer

Time for some spiritual exfoliation.
What This Weekend's Blood Moon Means, According to an Astrologer
Time for some spiritual exfoliation.

It’s eclipse season once again, which means it’s major cobweb-clearing time in the parts of your life that no longer serve you, especially as you relate to your perceived role in society. This is because the Total Lunar Eclipse on Friday, July 27, 4:20 p.m. EST (Saturday, July 28, 4:20 a.m. Manila time)—coloquially called a Blood Moon and the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century—takes place in 4 degrees Aquarius, the sign of the Other. Think back to your life story during the New Moon last January 27, 2017 and the subsequent phases that followed—what were you trying to manifest and change that time? Friday’s lunation might just give you the black-and-white answer to those pressing questions.

A Lunar Eclipse represents a death of one cycle in your life. See where 4 degrees Aquarius is in your chart, and you can pinpoint where exactly you need to reevaluate and affect change. Since this Full Moon is in Aquarius, this Friday’s lunation zeroes in on your old imprints about how you fit into the world at large. It also signifies the end of old treaties and the end of old alliances: Is there a group, partnership, or relationship that’s doing you dirty? Say goodbye, and don’t look back. You’ll have the mettle to KonMari this association out of your life—for good. A revolutionary Aquarius eclipse like this is here to teach you that YOUR soul comes first now.


Also, Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons—more accurately, Full Moons on steroids, as everything you must purge out from your life comes flying straight at you, in high contrast relief, sometimes with full-on 'roid rage to match. Much like catching someone in flagrante or overhearing gossip about you first-hand, there’s no escaping the truths that come oozing out during a Full Moon Eclipse

What was the life you thought you were going to live, and how is this still relevant to you now? Are you still struggling to fit into some old role you said you wanted way back when? Is there a reason that still hasn’t happened? Tune into your intuition, and listen to what your heart really wants from you. 

Ascension pains, or the growing pains one goes through when raising their vibrations and moves towards their higher purpose (like leaving exes, cutting out toxic friends, quitting from unfulfilling jobs, moving countries—you name it!) will be pretty common during this cycle, too, as the universe urges us to change. Like a particularly satisfying episode of Dr. Pimple Popper, there will be something that needs to be expunged and brought to the surface (Jupiter currently in Scorpio, the sign of excavating truths and “soul exfoliation,” helps magnify this need to clean house and reinvent). 

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Tip: Try to meditate or do some energy work using an amethyst, which is an Aquarian crystal that cleanses, clarifies, and protects, and makes letting go a smoother, easier process.

Another reason this week might feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you: Uranus, the planet ruling freedom and revolution, is in its fall in Taurus, a notoriously fixed, earth-energy planet, which makes for a frustrating, stop-and-start energy. You might have sudden breakthroughs, but lack the resources to push through with these radical shifts—kind of like wanting to pack up and move halfway around the world (Uranus), but not having the finances or practical resolve to do so (Taurus). 

What this Uranus in Taurus aspect also means in the context of this Full Moon filter is that this also might be a time to reinvent your self-worth. As we all know, the Sun is happily languishing in Leo, its home base, where it’s all about our ego selves and where life is fun, creative, and expansive. The Sun is also strongest in his kingdom of Leo, which means it trumps this sputtering, unpredictable Uranian energy. We’ll all get a much-needed jolt of self-confidence and optimism to follow through with change, even though it might feel like wading through molasses. 


More cosmological context: Mars is retrograde in Aquarius, where the South Node is, indicating a lot of inner battles and anger that can bubble up to the surface, with a lot of it having to do with karmic mistakes and past life issues (like finding yourself in repeating toxic patterns in relationships, for example). With Venus also in its fall in Virgo, make extra effort to avoid being puritanical and fault-finding; be kind to yourself (hey, everyone makes mistakes!), and try to admit personal responsibility. The even better news? Mercury is in retrograde, which in this case can actually work to your advantage: This gives you time to review, go slower, and make more careful choices moving forward. 

The Moon is in Capricorn throughout all of this, which gives a more stabilizing counterpoint; you won’t turn into mush as you face your tests, and will barrel through with a steely emotional center! Because if there’s one thing this major doozy of an eclipse teaches us, it’s that although you can’t opt out of reality, change is always better than being stuck in a life that you’ve definitely outgrown.


Eunice Lucero (@eunichiban) is a certified astrologer and Beauty Editor for The Numinous, one of the most beloved high-vibe beauty and lifestyle sites in the US. She is also the Editor in Chief of All Things Hair United States and splits her time between crystal shopping, flirting with kundalini yoga, and drinking sake at cat cafés. She is based in NYC.

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