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8 Best Wedding Cake Makers in Manila

These master cake bakers are classic go-tos for Filipina brides.
8 Best Wedding Cake Makers in Manila
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These master cake bakers are classic go-tos for Filipina brides.

The wedding of your dreams wouldn't be complete without a beautiful cake. After all, it's one of the first things people see when they arrive at your reception.

One of the oldest wedding traditions, the history of the wedding cake can be traced back to ancient Rome. Traditionally, Romans broke wheat or barley over the bride and groom to symbolize good fortune and a successful marriage. This has evolved into the tradition we know today as the cutting of the cake.

Choosing a wedding cake in Manila seems simple enough, especially if you've got your wedding style down to a T. If you think about it, however, there's a lot to narrow down: fondant or buttercream? Traditional or eccentric? Simple or intricate? Then the flavors: vanilla or chocolate? Banana or carrot? What about red velvet?

With all the options for wedding cake designers in Manila and with more decisions to be made while wedding planning, it can get a bit overwhelming. To help you make the right choice, we've listed down some favorites. From rustic naked cakes to opulent multi-tiered cakes, these cake designers have got you covered.


The Cake Artist

Judy Uson of The Cake Artist began as a cake designer in 2013. Having previously been involved in event management and video production, she wanted to make use of her talents in the kitchen by crafting specialty cakes. What attracts clients are her sugar flowers that are meticulously hand-crafted. Uson's signature cakes range from the classic and romantic to the bold and whimsical with some of her most popular using a combination of buttercream and chocolate. Apart from being a cake artist, Uson heads Pampanga culinary school Culinaire Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts.

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Cake Concepts

San Juan-based cake designer Maite Gregorio makes desserts of all styles, from classic and fun to modern, simple, and outrageous. She started Cake Concepts in 1996 from the idea of making truly bespoke cakes. To do this, Cake Concepts sees to it that every step is tailored to suit each client with the combination of their expert advice. The cake shop specializes in custom wedding cakes, children's cakes, and dessert buffets; but through time, they've grown to accommodate all kinds of cakes. Cake Concepts, along with its team of enthusiastic and dedicated cake designers, decorators and bakers, prides itself in crafting quality cakes with a personalized design.


Cakes by Mannix

A new player in the cake industry and with a background in arts and design as a graphic designer, interior designer, fine artist, and in flower arrangement, it's no surprise that Mannix Peña's creations feature intricate, life-like blooms that have become his trademark. Peña started his foray into the industry with Shorts Gourmet, a line of shortbread cookies filled with Belgian chocolate. From there, he took a course at Heny Sison's culinary school and opened his own cake shop. With a meticulous yet soft approach to his creations, he promises a "taste of creative elegance."


The Delightful Miss Joyce

The Delight Miss Joyce was born from homemade pastries and a simple red velvet cake in 2012. It soon specialized in making artisan wedding cakes with an exquisite design, refined attention to detail, and personal approach. What owner Joyce Urieta is known for is her individually-tailored designs and the intricate decorations she uses. More than that, however, is her simplistic approach to cake designing. Urieta's style is mostly minimalist, which can be seen in the way she uses simple elements to maximize impact.



Dexter's traces its roots back to Bulacan. In 1971, Dexter Rebolledo opened his first bakeshop in the town to fashion specialty cakes. His cakes were famous throughout the country, and to meet demand, he opened a shop in Manila. The bakeshop has always been at the forefront, becoming one of the first to use fondant icing. Almost five decades later and the bakeshop is still known for its creations that use fine royal icing, spectacular sugar decorations, and other handcrafted elements. Dexter's cakes have been a staple in several weddings as well as in television and movies.


Heny Sison

As one of the most recognized names in the culinary scene, celebrity chef Heny Sison needs no introduction. Once an economic researcher and financial analyst, Sison took to baking and cake decorating as a hobby. After enrolling in multiple classes and schools, including the Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionary, she started strictly making birthday and wedding cakes. Through the years, clients including celebrities and other high-profile personalities have raved about her attention to detail, personal touch, and signature techniques in icing flowers and beautiful callado embroidery.


Naked Patisserie

Dessert designer Christian Mark Jacobs' intricate and decadent cake creations are loved by celebrities and many other personalities. In 2015, the Florida-born Jacobs arrived in Manila and began baking for family and friends. With the prodding of his first customers, he decided to open his own bake shop with the specialty of naked cakes. What Naked Patisserie promises are exquisitely hand-painted fondant cakes, buttercream cakes, and rustic naked cakes made with the finest ingredients. Aside from traditional cakes, Jacobs also bakes organic and vegan cakes and pastries.


Penk Ching

If you're looking for an innovative approach to cakes, only one name comes to mind in the world of wedding cakes: Penk Ching. A one-time corporate employee, Ching took to baking as a hobby. After several friends and colleagues ordered cakes from her, she decided to become a full-time cake maker at a time when there were few in Manila. Through word-of-mouth, she had, in her words, her first big break in the way of Fernando and Kit Zobel's wedding. Since then, she's been recognized for her watercolor technique and awarded both locally and internationally for her work.


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