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The Best Video Editing Apps for Beginners

The Best Video Editing Apps for Beginners
IMAGE Quik, LumaFusion
Because everyone’s got a video online nowadays.

There was a time some few years ago when photos reigned supreme, that social media experts predicted that video would become the next big thing—and here we are now. Just take a look at the long list of celebrities that have joined in on the YouTube craze to become a content creator, and other video makers on Facebook.

So, it’s no surprise then that we would be scouring app stores for the best video-editing mobile apps out there. Luckily, there are various ways to achieve the aesthetic that you want, from faded and indie-looking shots to glossy, over-glamorized ones. Want to try your hand at video-editing as well? Below, we list down some of the best video editing apps you can find and access on your mobile phone.

1. Kinemaster

If you've ever wanted an editor that had professional video features but is still friendly enough for use by beginners, then look no further than Kinemaster—simply import the clips you want to edit, and then trim and transition to your liking.


Once you’ve decided how to edit your photo, you can add media, effects, text overlays, and doodles. Color and its saturation can be adjusted with sliders.

2. Quik

Quik is the video editor for the technology-averse, or simply for people who don’t want to do the extra work of editing video. All the app needs is for you to select stills, pick a theme, and export whatever Quik concocts.

If you do want some control over the theme’s font, filter and graphic style, they can be switched out or removed entirely. Pros also swear by Quik as an app worth a download.

3. VideoGrade

If you’re serious about editing video, then look into color grading—a vital skill any working video editor ought to have. Instead of editing on your laptop, the closest to high-end control is on your iPhone and iPad. Containing all the tools you need under easy, straightforward icons, learning this would be a cinch.

4. InShot

If you’re active on Instagram, then InShot is your best bet. InShot allows you to fit particular frame sizes in (at 9.5 to 19.5) order to create the right size for your feed.

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5. Magisto

Magisto may have some serious techie features that would make any tinkerer go wild, but this contains a sophisticated AI that helps find the best parts of your footage and then applies sophisticated techniques such as stabilization, facial recognition, video filters, and auto-crop.

Despite all those features, the app is still super easy to navigate and you can even use one of Magisto’s video templates to get you started, and then edit using their Smart Storyboard tool.

Images still look like videos that still look and feels like engaging footage.

6. Wondershare FilmoraGo

You may know Filmora from your desktop, but our mobile apps use Wondershare FilmoraGo, a popular editor for our country’s influencers, including bloggers, Instagram influencers, and vloggers.

Filmora has its Easy Mode, perfect for on-the-go editing, where you simply drag and drop clips, as well as add music and finished video. You can import your own music, or use tracks from their built-in library.What’s also great about Filmora is that their service does not come with watermarks, perfect for Instagram and other platforms!


7. LumaFusion

While this app is absolutely sworn by vloggers and content creators, LumaFusion does not come for free but its slew of services justify the payment. Known as a multi-track editor, it’s used by journalists, filmmakers, and video producers to create and produce compelling stories.

Dubbed “the most powerful multi-track video editor ever created for mobile devices,” LumaFusion following can expect all the usual tools like trim, speed, dimensions, and audio edits. But some of the more advanced features did make sense, like its ability to layer audio, video, and photos in the same frame, compatibility for 120 and 240 FPS in slow motion video files, and a live audio track mixer really does make it stand out from the crowd.

8. Horizon

The Horizon app allows you to take horizontal apps no matter. Think of the orientation of your device. Think of it like a pro gimbal rig—hold your device upright, sideways, or you can even keep rotating it while capturing, and your footage will always stay horizontal.

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