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10 of the Best Netflix Documentaries You Need to Watch ASAP

10 of the Best Netflix Documentaries You Need to Watch ASAP
IMAGE Netflix
Get a dose of reality with these intriguing documentaries.

If you're someone who religiously scrolls through Netflix for new content to watch, how about taking yourself out of your rom-com binge for a second and getting a dose of some hard-hitting reality with their selection of documentaries? Hear us out, whether you come out of it with a fresh perspective on a certain person or topic, or you end up positively unsettled to your core, these 10 documentaries are sure to be some of the most intriguing ones you'll find on Netflix yet.

1. Cheer

Falls, tumbles, trainings, teamwork, and drama packaged with a whole lot of heart. All this and more describes Netflix's Cheer, a six-episode docuseries on the harsh yet awe-inspiring realities of cheerleading. Get ready to leave your misconceptions about this underrated and highly comptetive sport out the door before pressing play because all the glitz, glam, and pompoms that you see on TV barely touches the surface of what cheerleading truly entails. Whether you truly have an interest in cheerleading or you only watch UAAP's annual cheerdance competition just for the heck of it, trust us when we say you'll absolutely be invested in each and every single one of the members of Cheer's Navarro cheer squad.

2. Miss Americana

Get intimate with Taylor Swift as she lets viewers in on private backstage footage of her life and career in Miss Americana. If you, for some reason, are indifferent or averse towards the pop singer, we guarantee that you'll end the documentary harboring a lot more respect for her. 


3. Don’t F**k With Cats

Up for a gripping true crime story? Tune in to this three-part documentary about a group of amateur internet slueths who worked to exposed the deranged crimes of Luke Magnotta, a Canadian murderer who'd posted numerous disturbing videos of himself while torturing and killing cats online. Cat lovers, remember to proceed with caution.

4. 7 Days Out

Ever wondered what it's like, seven days before a Chanel fashion show? Crazy is an understatement. Netflix's 7 Days Out, takes us on an all-access behind the scenes look at the week before a major cultural event. Included in its first season line up are the Kentucky Derby, a League of Legends competition, and the Chanel Haute Cotoure Fashion Show with the late Karl Lagerfeld.

5. The Royal House of Windsor

Fans of the British monarchy and curious spectators alike will get a real kick out of The Royal House of Windsor, an episodic docuseries chronicling the rich dynasty of the House of Windsor and how it's managed to weather through more than a hundred years while keeping its reigns on the crown. As it turns out, the royal debaucle of today's got nothing on the insanely juicy drama of their yesteryears. 

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6. The Keepers

The Keepers tackles the unsolved case of Cathy Cesnik, a nun from a Catholic high school who was brutally murdered back in 1969. The docuseries attempts to piece together the mystery, starting from the '90s when the case reopened after a former student accused the high school's chaplain of sexually abusing her and countless others, possibly leading back to Sister Cathy's horrific death.

7. Dark Tourist

Journalist, David Farrier bravely explores numerous spots around the world associated with death and tragedy so you don't have to. The episodes include immersing himself with a Mexican cult that worships death, witnessing an exorcism in Latin America, and meeting a few of New Orleans' vampires (no, they're not like the ones on The Vampire Diaries.)

8. The Great Hack

You'll want to be more careful with putting out private information on the internet or answering seemingly harmless questionnaires on Facebook after watching The Great Hack. The documentary is essentially a two-hour expose on how our online presence can be used against us, especially when it comes major, life-altering events like a national election. 

9. Salt Fat Acid Heat

Lovers of food will adore Chef Samin Nosrat in Salt Fat Acid Heat as she travels around the world to discover the very basics of good cooking across the four different cultures of Italy, Japan, Mexico, and California, USA. The shoe is based on her best-selling book of the same name.

10. Broken

An investigative docuseries, Broken uncovers the fraudulent methods and behavior of big shot companies when it comes to manufacturing their products. The four-part episode show includes the true cost of counterfeit makeup, e-cigarettes, cheap furniture, and plastic.


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