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Bermuda Is Offering a One-Year Visa That Allows You to Work From an Island

In case you need a change of scenery.
Bermuda Is Offering a One-Year Visa That Allows You to Work From an Island
In case you need a change of scenery.

Working from home got you down and feeling isolated? If you're up for a change of scenery, then you're in luck as Bermuda is offering the rare chance of being able to stay on its island for a year to work or study.

Best of all, the One Year Residential Certificate (OYRC) is pretty easy on the wallet at $263 (approximately P13,000). The only requirements are that you are over the age of 18, have valid health insurance, and have no record of conviction.

Bermuda's minister of labor Jason Hayward says working remotely has been a growing trend, and it is "something the Bermuda Government has been examining as part of its technology-focused economic diversification strategy."

The application form goes live on Bermuda's site on or before August 1. The move is Bermuda's way of recovering from the tourism industry's losses, and the government expects the program to boost economic activity.

In other good news, Bermuda is also allowing visitors to remain in the country for a maximum of 180 days. Previously, the territory had a limit of 90 days.


Why would you go all the way to Bermuda for relaxation and great beaches, you ask? Well, why not—it's not as if the quarantine is going away here any time soon. On that note, here are 11 countries that offer a second, more powerful passport if you want a more permanent solution.

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