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This Girl's Empowering Message Will Give You the Confidence Boost You Need

This Girl's Empowering Message Will Give You the Confidence Boost You Need
IMAGE Melson Bolongaita
You got this, girl!

Having an off day wherein you feel the need to question yourself if you are good enough or pretty enough is normal. What matters is what you do about it, and designer Belle Villanueva has the perfect empowering message for when you don't feel confident about yourself. Scroll down and feel better!


IMAGE Melson Bolongaita

"Gaining confidence does not come overnight. It's a process which involves a lot of effort, observation, and self-conviction. 

"First, you put so much effort trying to fit someone's concept of beauty. Perhaps, you even go out of your way just to be beautiful in their eyes. But that's okay. You just have to remember that you're doing it for yourself, not for them. Work hard, dress up, read a lot, and do many stuff to gain experience and knowledge you'll eventually make use of one day.

"Then maybe you'll try to mingle with other people to observe and learn different behaviors, and what matters to them. Again, that's all right. Doing this may lead you to compare yourself and feel a little inferior to others. Be quick to shake this off. 

"Lastly, you may feel a little lost. The world is a scary place but don't dwell on that. You are capable. Believe that you are beautiful because you really are! Believe you deserve all the great things happening in your life because you've worked your butt off for those. Stop doubting yourself and shine! No matter what you do, what you wear or how you look like, you are you and you are beautiful. Don't look over your shoulder to compare. Everyone's different in their special way! 

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"Own your beauty. Own your intelligence. Own your happiness. When you believe in yourself, others will, too. Remember that the only validation that matters is yours. So, work it girl! Put on a big smile and conquer the world!"

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