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10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Belle Mariano

There's no doubt that Belle Mariano has took the country by storm. From gracing Preview's first moving cover, her countless endorsements, her massive social media following, and of course, her hit series that she topbills with Donny Pangilinan, audiences just can't get enough of the 20-year-old sweetheart

Her adoring fans are clamoring to know her better, and lucky for us, she revealed 10 little known fun facts about herself. The He's Into Her actress gamely opened up stories from her childhood as well as her aspirations for the future in an episode of 10 Things. Read on to find out the exclusive trivia we gathered from our most reliable source, Belle Mariano herself. 

WATCH: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Belle Mariano, According to Belle Mariano

1. A weird food combination she likes is chips with Nutella.

Combining sweet and salty flavors is nothing new, with french fries being dipped in ice cream already considered somewhat unsurprising. Belle has her own version of this tasty treat and dipping potato chips into the popular hazelnut spread actually seems mouthwateringly intriguing.

PHOTO BY instagram/nutella

2. If she weren't an actress, she would have studied law or psychology. 

She may have wanted to be a scientist when she was younger, but did you know that she sees herself taking up law or psychology if she didn't pursue showbiz? Don't worry, Belle! You can always go back and study these fields if you want to, just like these celebrities who went back to school at a later age. 

3. The first thing she does in the morning is check her phone.

In true Gen Z fashion, the first thing she reaches for in the morning is her phone. With a busy schedule like hers, it makes sense that she checks the time before anything else. 

4. Her most used app in her phone is Instagram.

Just like the rest of us, she isn't immune to scrolling through social media for hours. With over 2 million followers, Belle's Instagram notifications is likely always abuzz. 

5.  She used to collect Barney memorabilia when she was a kid.

From stuffed toys to series, she had it all! 

6. She learned how to ride a motorcycle for her role as Max.

She had previously talked about how different her character Maxpein is from her real-life persona. But that doesn't stop her from her commitment to the craft—she actually had to learn how to ride a motorcycle for her role. What a trooper!

PHOTO BY Hes Into Her/Star Cinema

7. Aside from volleyball, she knows how to play futsal and basketball.

Belle had previously revealed in a vlog that her fondest school memories include playing hours of volleyball after class with her friends. It turns out her athleticism isn't limited to just that sport as she also does futsal and basketball.

8. She has 6 ear piercings.

And she's already considering adding more!

9. She was a big Hannah Montana fan.

Not only can she belt out the opening theme from memory, she revealed she even had a Hannah Montana wig! Now, that we'd love to see as Belle has kept her locks long and dark eversince.

10. Her dream vacation destination is Switzerland. 

With traveling slowly going back to pre-pandemic levels, you can expect to see the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland to grace Belle's feed soon. The country which has long been lauded as one of the safest in the world is her dream travel destination. Good choice!

PHOTO BY Crash Landing on You/TvN

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