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You Have to See These Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Nadine Lustre Shot With a Smartphone

Photographer Andrea Beldua shares her pro tips on shooting with your phone.
You Have to See These Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Nadine Lustre Shot With a Smartphone

With every cover shoot, there are behind-the-scenes moments worth capturing, and while everything can’t be included in the main story, they may just be as exciting to see as the actual layouts! They give us a glimpse of the creative process and let us see the actual work our favorite celebrities, stylists, and photographers put in. Especially for budding creatives and curious readers, there’s a lot of insight and inspiration to be had.

Case in point, fashion and celebrity photographer Andrea Beldua walks us through the behind-the-scenes shoot for this month’s Preview cover with Nadine Lustre. Here, she recounts her experience catching candid moments and capturing Nadine’s artistry using only a smartphone.

“Going into it, I knew it was going to be challenging because my [SLR] camera is already an extension of myself. Doing a whole shoot (a big one, at that) without being able to capture it through a viewfinder was a big step away from my comfort zone,” Andrea tells Preview.

However, the fashion photographer still had a powerful tool at her disposal: the OPPO Reno4, a smartphone packed with camera features that even professionals would appreciate. She underscored how easy and convenient it was to use the smartphone. “It was really convenient to not have to tinker with a lot of settings or do a light test as I would have with a camera. I usually need to do those things to make sure all photos are well exposed, but the OPPO Reno4 immediately adjusts to all the rapidly-changing factors you typically deal with in a shoot like this.”

Achieving Her Authentic Aesthetic

Andrea shares how the OPPO Reno4’s features helped her achieve the desired aesthetic for her visuals while staying true to the concept of the shoot. For one, she likes how the smartphone’s high resolution captures a high level of details and colors.

“Thanks to the 48MP HD quad-camera lens, I could easily manipulate the photos in the cinematic style I like to use when taking BTS photos,” she says.

She also adds how fun and innovative the camera modes of OPPO Reno4 are. One of her favorites is the Night Flare Portrait setting where she was able to capture stunning portraits against a vivid nighttime backdrop.

“I definitely enjoyed playing around with Night Flare Portrait mode. Since we were taking portraits of Nadine against a dark background with colored lights, the mode made it easy to focus on her and blur the vibrant lights—like the bokeh effect. This ease of focus made for an incredibly well-lit photo that really highlighted Nadine,” she explains.

In terms of videos, the celeb photographer tried adding a unique flair to her shots with the motion effects of the OPPO Reno4. “I had fun trying out the 960fps AI Slow Motion. I was thinking of cool movements Nadine could do that we couldn’t have captured in a normal video mode. The slow-mo video was very crisp and the details of every subtle movement came out clearly.”

Capturing dynamic movements is also a breeze with the smartphone’s steady camera feature. “I also tried the Ultra Steady Video 3.0, which is good for taking vlog-style videos. I didn’t have to worry about my shaky hands,” Andrea shares.

Extending Her Vision

As a creative who started her journey in photojournalism in 2013 and shifted to portraits and fashion photography in 2015, Andrea believes that a camera is a tool that helped her extend her vision throughout the years. But this isn’t to be confused with the most important lens to tell a story—the eyes.

“I am obsessed with beauty—the human form, faces, movement. My photos are a translation of the little details I see in my head that I want other people to see as well. To look at my photos is to see through my eyes, in a sense,” she says.

That said, she zeroes in on the importance of knowing oneself and being one with the subject to bring the photos to life. “My advice for photographers who are starting out is to cultivate your taste—and that starts with knowing yourself and what you want to show the world through your photos. All you need is your skill and your genuine interest in your subject. Know what you want to show, and how you can show it best.”

She also adds that photography is about honing the eye for composition, colors, and beauty. And a camera—whether it’s a smartphone, mirrorless, or DSLR—should only be a tool in visualizing your ideas.

When asked for tips she’d give to budding photographers who only have a smartphone to work with, she shares the key features they should look for in their mobile cameras—the color accuracy and the ability and ease to expose images properly. According to her, they shouldn’t have to spend more time tweaking settings than actually taking pictures because life passes you by and there are just some moments you can’t capture again.

“That’s why I really love shooting with the OPPO Reno4—my photos are crisp and clear, and it’s very easy to use. And because it has a lot of creative camera features, I can also play around and experiment with them when I feel like switching it up,” she adds.

Clearly Her Best Shot

Overall, Andrea thinks that the behind-the-scenes shoot using the OPPO Reno4 went well. And even with a smartphone, she was able to clearly capture the best shots possible—a testament to her limitless passion and vision as a photographer.

“I’m quite pleased with how the photos turned out! I was able to bring out and accentuate the best colors from the photos I took, and it was so fun to still be able to incorporate my style. I like my photos a certain way, and the OPPO Reno4 definitely let me achieve that aesthetic,” she explains.

Just like Andrea Beldua, you can show the world the best you through your visuals, too. And you can do so with the OPPO Reno4. Its stylish camera features include the AI Color Portrait that adds a pop of color to your photos and Night Flare Portrait which brightens the face of your subject against a background of blurred light spots to create a clear night portrait shot with a vibrant bokeh effect, solving all low light setting photography woes. Meanwhile, it also has an impressive 960fps AI Slow-Motion which enables you to see the beauty at the slowest speed of the subject, and the Ultra Steady Video 3.0 that offers three different stabilization modes perfect for capturing high-intensity action shots.

Shop for OPPO Reno4 at Lazada and Shopee now and don’t miss your chance to capture you at your best, too. For more information, visit the OPPO Philippines’ official website and follow OPPO Philippines on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with OPPO.