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Bea Alonzo's Horror Film "Eerie" Just Got Featured on

The Netflix movie has people sleeping with the lights on.
Bea Alonzo's Horror Film "Eerie" Just Got Featured on
The Netflix movie has people sleeping with the lights on.

Following its Netflix release, Bea Alonzo's supernatural horror film Eeerie has picked up global acclaim, garnering recognition from international news sites, including titles like The Irish Sun, Dailymail UK, and Most recently, even Elle's online platform got the memo.

The popular lifestyle magazine recently featured Eerie for its rising internet mileage: Netflix Horror Film 'Eerie' Has People Sleeping With the Lights On, says the headline. 


"A scary movie can't be considered great unless it's full of jump scares, unpredictable twists, and leaves you so afraid you refuse to sleep with the lights off. According to thriller-obsessed folks on Twitter, Netflix's new horror film Eerie checks off all of the above," Elle writes of the Filipino film. They even rounded up a few of the best Twitter reactions to the movie courtesy of a bunch of spooked users.

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Produced by Star Cinema, the film first premiered at the Singapore International Film Festival last December 2018. It was followed by a Philippine release this March 2019, then a worldwide Netflix release last July. 

Set in an all-girls Catholic private school run by nuns, Eerie starts off at the aftermath of a student's untimely suicide, which leads to a string of reported haunted incidents that have left the current students traumatized. Concerned for the childrens' well-being, the school guidance counselor Patricia (Bea Alonzo) sets out to investigate on the matter on her own.

Now if you're a fan of horrow films and all these rave reviews haven't convinced you to watch Eerie yet, then we don't know what will.

Watch the full trailer, below!

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