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These Photos of Bathrooms With Plants Are Satisfyingly Soothing

These Photos of Bathrooms With Plants Are Satisfyingly Soothing
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They're not just pretty but purposeful, too!

Plants can make any space better, and we’re not just talking about aesthetics: Plants can help cool down an area especially during summer months as, they lower the temperature around them by “losing water during transpiration," according to Rolling Nature. They’re natural humidity controllers, too.

That said, having an indoor garden is pretty much a good idea that will return your investment on a daily basis. So, if you already have your plant corner at home, why not expand your green real estate to other parts of the house—like the bathroom? Turn your shower area into your own private oasis, inspired by these calming bathroom garden photos:

1. Utilize shelves.

Shelving units need not only be used for storage. Add a pot or two of your humidity-seeking greens for a more relaxing bath.

2. Look for space-saving pots and containers.

Spruce up bathroom corners with a plant. In this photo, an unutilized corner by the toilet becomes the perfect area for a plant.


3. Hang plants over your shower area.

When doing this, choose your plants carefully, as this is probably the most humid part of your bathroom. Tillandsia (also known as “air plants”) and spider plants are good options. Make sure, however, that you still have enough headspace! You wouldn’t want to bump into your hanging pots while taking a shower.

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4. Let them crawl!

If you have tiny bathroom have little space for huge potted plants, a good option is to introduce vine-y greens to your space. Golden pothos or Devil’s ivy is one variety you can hang or place on a shelf. As long as it’s not in direct sunlight, this plant can easily propagate.

5. Go all out.

There’s no one hard and fast rule in creating your bathroom garden. As long as your plants enjoy the humidity, you can go crazy with your greens!

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