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Even Barbie Feels Sad Sometimes and That's Totally Okay

You're not alone.
Even Barbie Feels Sad Sometimes and That's Totally Okay
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/socalitybarbie
You're not alone.

Barbie has always been deemed perfect. Apart from her smooth skin, long hair, and hourglass body, she seems to be leading the good life. She is surrounded with friends, living the life in Malibu, and even has Ken by her side. But in a relatable turn of events, Barbie feels blue sometimes.

In a vlog entry on her YouTube channel, Barbie discusses her feelings that many of us may be experiencing as well: sadness. But she did not post this video to gather sympathy or ask for attention. Instead, her video exudes hope and positivity that is sure to help those who are struggling with the same situation as she does.

Watch the clip below and let Barbie articulate your feelings and help you get through it. Enjoy!

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