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Barbie Hsu Had the Funniest Reaction to Jerry Yan Starring in "Count Your Lucky Stars"

Barbie Hsu Had the Funniest Reaction to Jerry Yan Starring in "Count Your Lucky Stars"
IMAGE Chinese Television System/Meteor Garden, Youku/Count Your Lucky Stars
"Dao Ming Si! Who are you dating behind my back?"

Sparks fly again between old onscreen flames Shancai and Dao Ming Si from the original Meteor Garden. If you grew up watching the 2001 Taiwanese series featuring the iconic and inimitable F4, then we’re sure you can relate when we say we can't help but feel kilig about all this. LOL!

Jerry Yan, who played the OG Dao Ming Si, has been promoting his latest series, Count Your Lucky Stars. In the show, he stars alongside Shen Yue, who played Shancai in the 2008 Meteor Garden remake.

To literally everyone’s surprise, Barbie Hsu, the OG Shancai, also promoted the show to support Jerry. In the caption, she playfully writes, “Dao Ming Si! Who are you dating behind my back!” And it doesn’t stop there. Jerry Yan actually replied, saying, “It’s Shancai!” Ahhh, the throwback feels are real.


Naturally, everyone caught wind of the exchange—even a TV host asked Jerry Yan about it during a cast interview for Count Your Lucky Stars. Caught off-guard, Jerry Yan responded saying, “I just feel happy that the show is finally broadcast.”

After much prodding by the host, who asked if the “old Shancai” feels jealous, Jerry finally answered: “But … I … I am also dating Shancai, though.” That is true, and we’re glad Dao Ming Si has been “loyal” all these years!

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Obviously, this fanned the flames for fans who wanted more of this rekindled Meteor Garden romance. Comments asking for a reunion or even presumptions that there really are sparks between the two started spreading like wildfire. And we couldn’t blame them!


We may not be getting a Shancai and Dao Ming Si reunion anytime soon, but this recent exchange is enough to make us hope. Wishful thinking won’t hurt, right?

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