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How to Throw the Ultimate Bachelorette Party for Your Best Friend

Organize her bridal shower like a pro!
How to Throw the Ultimate Bachelorette Party for Your Best Friend
Organize her bridal shower like a pro!

If you were lucky enough to have been chosen as a maid of honor, well, your best friend’s wedding day isn’t the only thing you have to prepare for. You also have to take it upon yourself to make sure that the bride spends her final soiree as a single woman with the people she loves. And because we think pulling it off won't exactly be a cakewalk, below, we've listed down some tips to help you throw the ultimate bachelorette party that will go off without a hitch!

1. Create the right guest list.

Don’t think of who YOU want to invite. Think of who the bride would want to spend some fun time with before she ties the knot (and as her best friend, you should know who they are, too!). This initial stage of the planning process can be a little tricky, so you may need to subtly consult her about her guest list. One major piece of advice: If you want to avoid trouble, don’t ask anyone who’s not invited to the wedding itself.

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2. Set the perfect date.

There’s no written rule about when exactly to hold a bachelorette party. Just make it a point to set it on a date that’s not too close to the big day—chances are, if it's too close to the wedding date, the bride will already be stressed out and too preoccupied to make time for a party.


3. Base your theme according to the bride’s preferences.

Don’t be boxed in with the idea of what a bachelorette party “should” be. Not all brides-to-be want to go on a raucous escapade, take shots, or see a sexy male dancer. Make the affair about her and what she'd love to do—be it a nail spa party, karaoke night, or a cozy sleepover with the girls.

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4. Set a budget.

Even if you’re the party’s lead planner, you’re not supposed to shoulder all the costs! Talk to the confirmed guests about how much they can shell out for the night, and negotiate until everyone agrees. Knowing how much you can spend will make your next tasks easier without having to worry about where to get the funds.

5. Connive with the groom.

Whether it's a little love note, or some answers to a few naughty questions to ask the bride during party games, the groom’s participation with the party prep is a must. Plus, you'll need his cooperation to make sure the bride doesn’t set any other appointments on your target date.

6. Be creative.

Buy cute decor. Look for a cake peg and ask the best baker in town to whip it up. Prepare the seat of honor. Plan some fun games and have every attendee participate. Whatever you decide on doing, try to think of ways to tailor the event to the bride’s liking—the night’s for nobody else but her.



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Now that everything's set, make sure you enjoy the night with the bride!

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