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Ayn Bernos Opens Up About Getting Breast Surgery at 27

Ayn Bernos Opens Up About Getting Breast Surgery at 27
She advises to consult with your physician!

Ayn Bernos has never been one to shy away from telling her story. She's always been transparent about herself, and vocal about her advocacies. Specifically, she talks about self-love, confidence, body acceptance, and more, whether it's an in-depth podcast track or a casual TikTok video.

Ayn's openness and willingness to discuss important topics is what many of her followers love and appreciate about her. She isn't afraid to connect with her audience about not only challenging issues but also personal topics as well. Most recently, she posted a TikTok video revealing a serious personal matter that she'll be undergoing soon.

Ayn shares on TikTok that she'll be undergoing surgery to remove lumps in her breasts

Showing no fear or negativity whatsover, Ayn revelaed that she will be undergoing surgery to remove the lumps in her breasts. Ayn shares that she's known about the lumps way back in 2016 but has "procrastinated" in dealing with them. The content creator-turned-beauty queen also admits that she didn't do anything about it because she didn't know the next steps she should take.


But that changes now as the 27-year-old Tiktok star is getting a handle on her current health issues. Ayn shares that in her case, she directly consulted with a breast surgeon as it was advised in her physical exam. After the consultation, the next step for her is to undergo surgery to take out the said lumps from her breasts. Ayn promptly does as she's told; her surgery is scheduled this weekend already.

In the same TikTok video, Ayn also advises her followers to consult their  physicians or OB-GYNs, in case they experience similar symptoms and/or want to learn more about the matter. Don't forget to reguarly check for lumps, ladies! More importantly, as exemplified by Ayn, take immediate concrete steps to take care of yourself should (knock on wood) you find any lumps in your breasts, or any body part for that matter. 

The specific details about Ayn's condition are still not fully known, but she promises that she will share more about her journey after the surgery. 

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Wishing you a swift and steady recovery, Ayn!

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