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Debunking 6 Misconceptions on Astrology to Prove It's Not Just Party Trick

Did you know you have more than just one sign?
Debunking 6 Misconceptions on Astrology to Prove It's Not Just Party Trick
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Did you know you have more than just one sign?

Maria Grazia Chuiri's vision for Dior's Spring couture show last year saw models walking down the runway dressed in gowns drawn with dreamy celestial bodies and skirts with stylized zodiac symbols. Golden face paint and star-shaped sequins adorned the models’ faces, making them seem showered in stardust. And if fashion is a reflection of real life, here’s the main takeaway: the world is hooked on astrology.

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Dior Spring 2017 Couture collection 

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Dior Fall 2017 Ready to Wear collection

But accompanying our interest in astrology is our doubt. Is astrology real or just hocus-pocus? Thus, we enlisted the help of a professionally trained astrologer to give us the lowdown on the fascinating science and art form that is astrology. Starting by addressing the multiple myths that cloud the practice, we consulted Eunice Lucero, astrology expert (and former Preview editor), to discuss the misconceptions surrounding the fascinating science and art form.

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Though Eunice is new to astrology as a profession, it has long been a part of her self and her life. She says, “my dad always had these old, dog-eared, very groovy ‘70s astrology books around the house; I was probably five or six years old when I first started reading up on my sign. I got really into it and devoured everything I could on the topic. I eventually wrote my grade school term paper on astrology and constellations and spent one whole month doing the research. I was 12 years old.”

Currently, Eunice is in mentorship under Rebecca Gordon to complete her formal astrology training. She runs us through a couple of common misconceptions about astrology:

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Misconception #1: Each person has one sign.

Most people are aware of their zodiac sign which is their Sun Sign, but in reality, each person has 12 signs. Eunice explains, “if we’re getting granular (and really astro-geeky) about it, we all have 12 signsall the signs of the zodiac with each of them in a particular house and under the influence of a particular planet or luminary in our chart.” The “chart” Eunice is referring to is a “birth chart: or “natal chart,” which is essentially a map that presents the placement of planets during the exact date and time of your birth.

Misconception #2: Astrology is a baseless story-telling; It is not a Science.

Astrology involves intensive calculation and interpretation, and has been a constantly developing study for thousands of years. Eunice quotes astrologist Rebecca Gordon and says, “Astrology is the language of energy.” She continues, “it has multiple branches, ranging from medical astrology and astro-meteorology to even studies like astro-cartography and talisman astrology. It’s an ancient science, and to be a doctor or mathematician in those days, you also had to learn astrology. The most famous experts in those fields at that timeHippocrates, Pythagoras, Kepler, Aristotle and yes, even Carl Jungwere astrologers.


Misconception #3: Astrology’s purpose is fortune-telling and predicting the future.

Similar to other metaphysical practices such as tarot-card reading and palm-reading, astrology is often assumed to have solely predicative purposes. However, Eunice debunks this by saying astrology is actually like a “divine vindication” of things already known to the person. She also notes that, “astrology’s purpose is to study possibility, and to foster self and world awareness. It is interpreting planetary energy in order to learn how to best work with them and to live a life that’s as aligned with your purpose as possible.”


Misconception #4: Astrology has no relevance to the modern world.

According to Eunice, “Astrology, lightwork and the spiritual sciences are even more relevant now, more than ever! Maybe it’s the oppressive patriarchy, but we’re all finally looking inward and recognizing the power within because we don’t energetically resonate with what’s out there.” Eunice continues and provides an interesting astrological perspective regarding the cultural shift happening in the world today, she says, “the earth has just come from the Age of Pisces, where culture and society venerated Christianity, spirituality and monotheistic religion (Pisces’ sign is the fish, which is also the sign for Christianity) and we’re now hurtling towards the Age of Aquarius, the sign of universality and breakthrough, where instead of just one god, we find the god inside all of us (this also helps explain why everyone’s suddenly into yoga and meditation).”


Misconception #5: Astrology readings are generally applicable to everyone.

Eunice explains that while there's truth in online readings written by trained astrologers, nothing beats consulting an astrologer yourself. Accurate readings done by a professional take "time and effort," she says. This is something you simply can't achieve from "a free algorithm on some astrology site; the nuance, detail and intuitive value from an actual professional can’t be matched. That said, the market is huge and there’s so much astrology out there on the internetjust a quick scroll through Instagram will pull up hundreds of feeds, with sadly a lot of them just pop culture fodder. Curation, some grain of salt and finding that one reader that fits you on an energetic level is crucial."

Misconception #6: Astrology is a party trick.

Eunice shares, "the worst part about [astrology] is its biggest misconception as just some 'woo woo' party trick job." She notes that "it takes a special kind of person to actually want to sit down and spend a few hours of the day helping make sense of other people’s lives and patterns; there’s a deep level of empathy and trust that goes on there that’s unique to this profession."


"There’s really no feeling like the one you get when everything just all finally makes sense," she shares. In a way, it's a form of assurance that "you’re not going crazy, that these past few days have been feeling really off, and that there’s a way through this and you have options." Eunice says that she loves "facilitating that OMG breakthrough in myself and in other people, without medication or psychobabble!"

But make no mistake. While trained astrologers can help you better navigate your place in the universe and make sense of your purpose in life, they still can't predict who wins the lottery!

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