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13 Asian Horror Films on Netflix That Will Keep You Up at Night

Because no one does the horror genre better.
13 Asian Horror Films on Netflix That Will Keep You Up at Night
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Because no one does the horror genre better.

If you're in the mood for some ghastly time, look no further than Netflix's library of Asian horror films. From the eerie ghost thrillers of Thailand to South Korea's supernatural flicks, you're bound to get a good fright from the list below.


1. Shutter (2004)

A photographer and his girlfriend speed off after accidentally killing a girl on the road. Thinking they'd escaped their crime, they soon start to find unsettling shadows in their photographs which leads to a series of disturbing discoveries. 

2. Nang Nak (1999)

Rooted on a popular Thai legend, Nang Nak is both a horror film and a romantic tragedy that follows Mak, a soldier who returns to his family, unaware of the devastating events that happened to his wife and child while he was at war. Anyone who dares to tell him the truth is mysteriously killed off in the night.

3. Laddaland (2011)

When a family moves into the upscale neighborhood of Laddaland, they soon encounter a series of horrifying, paranormal events that slowly drives them all insane. The film proved to be a huge success in Thailand where it debuted in number one on its first week owing to the fact that it's based on a rumored haunted condo development situated in the city of Chiang Mai.



4. The 3rd Eye (2017)

After their parents' death, two sisters move back to their childhood home only to find that it's been inhabited by vengeful ghosts that can only be seen by their youngest.

5. May the Devil Take You (2018)

With her estranged father lying on his death bed from a mysterious illness, a young girl visits his old house with her stepsister. There, they uncover an old pact made by their patriarch that could doom their entire family.

6. Danur: I Can See Ghosts (2017)

Risa, an eight-year-old, sees and befriends three ghosts in the absence of her busy and wealthy parents. The seemingly innocent friendship takes a dark turn when a malicious spirit tries to take her to the other side with them. Based on the best selling novel by Risa Saraswati, the story is drawn from the real-life events that happened back in her childhood.


7. Svaha the Sixth Finger (2019)

For those who prefer spooky mystery thrillers, South Korea's Svaha the Sixth Finger may be right up your alley. The film follows a police detective and a pastor as they investigate a suspicious religious cult that may have a murderer in their ranks.

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8. The Host (2006)

Get to know the other side of Parasite director Bong Joon ho's reportoire with The Host. A monster horror movie, and a social satire all at once, it became known as one of the highest grossing South Korean films of all time back in 2006. The film is premised on a monster that emerges from the Han River. While terrorizing the city, it ends up kidnapping a young girl, reeling her family into a desperate race to save her life.


9. 23:59

An army recruit mysteriously dies during a 24 kilometer road march. His passing brings about haunting, supernatural events amongst his fellow soldiers in the barracks where they're eventually forced to confront their deepest fears.


10. Conjuring Spirit (Chung Cu Ma)

A woman and her five-year-old move to a new apartment in the wake of her husband's betrayal. There, she unknowingly receives a music box inhabited by an angry ghost hell-bent on disturbing their lives.



11. The House That Never Dies (2014)

The House The Never Dies is considered China's highest grossing horror film of all time. Based on a rumored haunted three-story house in Beijing built in the 1800s, the 3D thriller trails a writer who visits the house, riling up the spirits of the ghosts within.


12. Eerie (2018)

There's nothing more chilling and relatable than a convent school horror story. Eerie centers on a clairvoyant guidance councilor who uncovers her school's abusive past after a young girl's suicide sets off a chain of supernatural events that starts to haunt the rest of her students.

13. Kuwaresma

When a young man returns home to mourn the death of his twin sister who died under curious circumstances, an entity that appears to be her ghost starts to haunt their family.

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