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This Interior Designer Will Help You Make Your Cramped Space Look Bigger

Simple and clean has never looked this good.
This Interior Designer Will Help You Make Your Cramped Space Look Bigger
IMAGE Courtesy of Asegurado, Alyson Sangalang
Simple and clean has never looked this good.

Turning a space into a home is never easy. You can compile all the Pinterest boards you want but it takes the eye of a pro to truly achieve your dream aesthetic. And with the art of minimalism and Marie Kondo influencing how everyone should be decorating (or decluttering) their personal spaces, some tend to take less for bare and boring. But modest doesn't have to mean just clean white walls and minimal decorations. Just take it from Dani Asegurado, the founder of Asegurado Spaces & Fixtures, an interior design company whose ethos is rooted on "a new contemporary vision that shapes simplicity and distinction." 

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Dani has managed to craft a clear aesthetic for her work and for her brand. Much like the idea of avoiding unecessary clutter to liven up a home, she's of firm belief that design should also equate to purpose and intentionality. To say the least, she knows exactly what she's doing. "The studio wants to push for design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a more holistic approach which considers function that can cater to the total experience related to the human senses," she tells Preview. "[We design for] clienteles who would like to make a statement and have a balanced life of simplicity with moments of creative surges," an artful vision further proving that she may just be the keen eye you need to build your sleek yet posh new home.


Below, Dani talks to Preview about Asegurado's design aesthetic along with a few tips to brighten up a small home.

Could you tell us about Asegurado? What is it all about and how did it start off?

"I’ve been practicing the profession for almost 10 years now but took quite a few years to refine the brand. I came about the name Asegurado Spaces & Fixtures just November of last year. I wanted to form something more defined and create a new contemporary vision that shapes simplicity and distinction. Asegurado is derived from my last name and in a way a tribute to my parents, expressing my gratitude to them."

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How would you describe your design aesthetic?

    "My design aesthetic is derived from various influences. I can say that my personal taste is heavily influenced by the Scandinavian midcentury design style, combined with the retro glam in terms of palettes with a cleaner and brighter twist and a mix of vintage and modern cues."


    What types of spaces do you usually design? Do you have a personal preference/niche?

      "My usual projects are residential environments, hospitality, and office spaces. But it would be really interesting to maybe design a columbarium one day. Something fairly uncommon for designers to engage to." 

      Could you take us through your creative process? How do you usually come up with your ideas? Do you heavily collaborate with your clients?

      "Creativity can spark you in so many ways. I could be doing something completely unrelated and would suddenly derive an inspiration for a current project. One thing that usually works for me is I feed my eyes with a lot of art as [much as] possible. Even if it’s not interior design related–be it in fashion, product design, paintings and the like. 

      "For private residential projects, I always take the client’s ideas or personal taste into consideration. It is important for both the designer and client to meet into an agreement. 


      "No matter what the space is, it must also function and reflect the personality of the client or brand." 

      How would you say does your brand stand out from other interior designers out there?

      "There’s a quote from a book that caught my attention. From Steal Like An Artist, Austin Kleon said, 'What a good artist understands is that nothing comes from nowhere. All creative work builds on what came before. Nothing is completely original.'


      "It is the unique combination of various design influences which makes the brand. Alongside this, the studio wants to push for design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a more holistic approach which considers function that can cater to the total experience related to the human senses." 

      Do you have a signature design unique to your brand?


        "I like playing with geometric lines, warm and bold hues, injecting unconventional textures and abstract silhouettes." 

        Do you have a design philosophy that you always follow? Can you tell us about it?

          "As a designer, I’m a firm believer of the principle that good design is the perfect combination of art and science. Not only that it should look good, but should also help elevate our lifestyle."


          What type of lifestyle would you say most fits your designs?

          "The brand’s market niche are mostly middle to upper class. Clienteles who would like to make a statement and have a balanced life of simplicity with moments of creative surges. The ones who sought harmony in beauty and function."

          What’s one misconception most people have about your job that you’d like to change?

          "That is design is merely decoration. As a professional, it has become one of the misconceptions I encounter. That Interior Designing just consists of choosing the kind of sofa, curtains, or getting the right kind of pillows. It is something more complex than that as we study how the space flows, the physiological and functional aspects that make a good design." 

          Any advice or tips on how to make a small/cramped space look and feel bigger?

          "The well known trick for small spaces is the use of mirrors because it reflects both natural and artificial lights making a room appear bigger. Medium shades of paint can also make a room smaller. A stark contrast of light and dark shades can create depth and illusion of larger space. Another trick is to hang floor to ceiling curtains as it adds height to the room. Using furniture with exposed legs can also help make a space feel more lighter and open." 


          In your opinion, what’s the most important aspect to a home that everyone should have or give importance to?

          "I always advice my clients to invest on items that are tangible or pieces that they usually use, like a good and comfortable couch, conversation pieces, or any important fixture that is utilized daily." 


          What’s next for Asegurado?

            "As what the new brand is all about, Spaces and Fixtures, the studio is aiming to eventually venture on unique furniture pieces particularly also on lighting fixtures. Designing small pieces has always been one aspect that I’m interested on."  

            How can interested clients get in touch with you?


              "For inquiries, please send an email to You may also check our socials on Facebook and Instagram for updates and design ideas." 

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