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Aryanna Epperson is Mad About Ice Cream and Here's Proof!

We can’t get enough of #AryannasTravelingIceCream!
Aryanna Epperson is Mad About Ice Cream and Here's Proof! We can’t get enough of #AryannasTravelingIceCream!

I have literally never met anyone who didn’t like ice cream. To say that it’s everybody’s comfort food would be an understatement—and, well, this is especially true for Aryanna Epperson. The up-and-coming It girl does not simply enjoy a scoop or two. She’s obsessed, to say the least.


On her Instagram account, Aryanna keeps track of all the different flavors she’s tried from her travels. Using the hashtag #AryannasTravelingIceCream, she tries to satisfy both her craving and wanderlust, one IG-worthy ice cream cone at a time. She recalls, “It all started during my trip to Italy. Since it’s the land of gelato with gelaterias at every corner, of course I had to try as many flavors as I could.” But of course, you know what dessert does to a person; after one bite, it’s bound to give you an excuse to have another.

“At first, it was just purely about documenting every gelato I tasted until I thought of turning it into a hashtag for my personal enjoyment. But also, it gives me an excuse to try as much ice cream from different places as I can. Now I look forward not only to traveling and seeing the world, but also to devouring one of my favorite desserts that I absolutely scream for—ice cream!”

See some of her posts below:

A scoop of vanilla in Florence, Italy

Here’s a really, really tall swirl as she strolled around Ximending in Taipei

Another scoop of creamy goodness somewhere in Taiwan. This time, in green tea!

At the Leaning Tower of Pisa

When in Rome? Pistachio and coconut!

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Purple and pink gelato in Milan

Vanilla, Kinder chocolate and coconut flavors while exploring Via San Francesco d'Assisi

“Strawberry & caramel gelato from the popular gelateria, Giolitti!”

BRB. Off to buy ice cream!

Images from @aryannaepperson on Instagram

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