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Anne Curtis Pulls a Paris Hilton in Empire of Pink Music Video

It’s so pink.
Anne Curtis Pulls a Paris Hilton in Empire of Pink Music Video It’s so pink.

Move over Iggy, Kesha, and Rita, there’s a new party girl in town and her name is Anne. We’re still mooning over Rihanna and Drake’s hot new song when we came across a pinkified Anne Curtis in her music video for her new single, Empire of Pink. The track is the carrier single of her new album, Forever Young, following her successful debut with Annebisyosa in 2011. 

Can we please talk about how everything was painted pink in the video? 

From her lippie, nails, and accessories... all her outfits, 


and the drinks. 

To her hair highlights, headphones, and disk. 

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Hey, even the fireworks were also in the feminine hue. 

Her sister Jasmine and BFF Tracy Ayson also had a cameo in the video. They, of course, were dressed in pink, too. 

An auto-tuned dance song by a celebrity who is a self-confessed non-singer? This has Paris Hilton circa Stars are Blind and Nothing In This World written all over it, don’t you think?


Watch the video here. Then tell us what you think by firing us a comment below. 

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