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7 Ways to Achieve an Aesthetic Feed, As Seen on Angelique Manto's Instagram

She's your girl if you want to prettify your feed!
7 Ways to Achieve an Aesthetic Feed, As Seen on Angelique Manto's Instagram
IMAGE Instagram/angeliquemanto
She's your girl if you want to prettify your feed!

Contrary to what people may think, curating your feed is an art form! There are so many ways to level up your grid—from trying out different poses, experimenting with filters and layouts, and using different elements to further prettify your photos.

If there's one content creator who's doing feed curation right, it's Angelique Manto. One look at the 27-year-old influencer's grid and you'll know that this girl takes her visuals seriously! From moody black-and-white photos to modelesque OOTD poses, she's got it all. If you need some inspo on how to turn your Instagram around, she's definitely the right person to turn to.

Ahead, we listed down the top elements, poses, and filters she usually employs so you can emulate them for your own grid:

How to Curate Your Feed, As Seen On Angelique Manto's Instagram

1. Devil's in the Details

Sometimes, the best pictures are the ones that don't show your face. Instead, make a part of your outfit the center of attention. In Angelique's case, she usually employs this technique to show off her pretty necklaces.

2. Golden Girl

Golden hour photos usually follow a specific look: Pictures taken with natural lighting resulting in a soft glow and probably a lot of blush and highlighter for that sunkissed effect. For Angelique, she does things a little differently. She plays around with the exposure, highlights, brightness, and shadows of her photos to create a moodier, duskier effect for her photos.


3. Life Lately

Carousel dumps on Instagram have been very popular lately and for good reason, too—it's a good way to upload a series of photos that might not "fit" with your feed's usual aesthetic. For the first pictures of Angelique's life updates, she usually chooses a pic that still goes with her moody theme.

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4. (Spring) Breakers

Filler pictures serve an important purpose for your feed. They are breakers that can help prevent your grid from being too saturated with selfies or OOTD photos. So make sure to keep an eye out for interesting things around you like signages, artsy buildings, and the like!

5. Lover Girl

Of course, it's impossible to mention Angelique's name without including her long-time beau and fellow content creator David Guison in the conversation. The power couple has always wowed us with their sartorial choices and cute poses, and Angelique has always made sure to pepper in a few couple photos in her grid!


6. Fit Checks

Angelique is well-known for her edgy yet classy style, and she makes sure to show that off every chance she gets with OOTD pictures. She also ensures that she keeps things interesting by playing around with different poses or using props.

7. Beach Baby

The content creator loves the water, and her bikini pics are proof of this! She doesn't just take pics while she's in the water, though. She also makes sure to snap some photos while she's getting some sun or even while she's lounging away inside.


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