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How Much Vloggers Really Earn Per Video, According to YouTuber Angelica Jane Yap

Angelica also shared her tips for aspiring YouTubers!
How Much Vloggers Really Earn Per Video, According to YouTuber Angelica Jane Yap
IMAGE Youtube/Angelica Jane Yap, Instagram/angelicajaneyap
Angelica also shared her tips for aspiring YouTubers!

Angelica Jane Yap has come a long way from when she first rose to fame as "Pastillas Girl" on national TV. Now, the YouTuber has almost four million subscribers on the platform and gets hundreds of thousands of views per video. That wasn't always the case, though, and Angelica definitely had to put in the work to be where she is now.

As someone who's gained success on the video streaming platform, Angelica decided to share a few insider tips for those who wish to jumpstart their own YouTube journey. Apart from sharing advice, Angelica also gave insights regarding monetization and how much YouTubers, especially those who get thousands of views per video, earn.

She touched on the basics, like how many subscribers and how much watch time you need for YouTube to monetize your channel. Apart from that, she also mentioned that once you are monetized, YouTube would usually pay you around P5 to P15 for every 1,000 views your video gets.


In Angelica's case, the said video garnered a little over 550,000 views, which puts her earnings at P2,750 to P8,250 for that video alone. Her house tour video from a year ago garnered around 4.2 million views, which would have put her earnings for the video at around P21,000 to P63,000. This does not include sponsored videos, which may have its corresponding fee. Not bad at all!

Once you're monetized, though, do note that YouTube doesn't really share the breakdown of your earnings per video, but you do get to see the estimated amount of money you'd be getting per month. At the end of the day, Angelica advises that you make content not for the money, but because you genuinely enjoy doing it.

You can watch Angelica's video here to learn more:

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