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Here's Why Andi Eigenmann Is Teaching Her Kids Not to Be Materialistic

She wants them to know that money can't buy happiness.
Here's Why Andi Eigenmann Is Teaching Her Kids Not to Be Materialistic
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She wants them to know that money can't buy happiness.

Andi Eigenmann is single minded about her principle of living a simple way of life. She says in her YouTube vlog on October 25, 2020: "Living simply is very important to me. It's basically what changed my life and made it better."

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Andi is determined to raise her daughters Ellie Eigenmann and Lilo Alipayo by her own example. The soon-to-be mother of three continues, "I always write about it in my Instagram posts. I always write about wanting and striving to be the best person that I can be, so that I can influence my children to be the same..."

The actress admits she used to be attracted, and attached, to material things. She calls it "retail therapy."

She concedes, "In the past, I feel like, you know, I relied on material things. Retail therapy all the time to make myself feel better or as a way to reward myself when I've had a busy work week." Then came her realization that none of it was real.


Remember when she sold all her "luxury items," including her car, in July 2018, and relocated in Baler, Quezon She would only go back to Manila, by bus, each time she has a project. That same year, she met Philmar Alipayo, and decided to make Siargao her home.

Speaking from personal experience, Andi says, "In my opinion, money does not buy happiness. I just learned to only really keep or strive to have the things that I feel I really need."

Andi adds that her transition from materialistic to non-materialistic wouldn't have happened without the influence of Philmar.

She underlines, "Philmar was also a big aspect of this. He was the person that made me realize how much more important it was to live in the moment. And build more meaningful relationships, and spend your money creating all of these memories rather than things you'll probably won't remember."

Teaching by example

Andi recalls the time when her daughter Ellie was old enough to be given tasks. She asked the girl to take out her toy box and out the stuff she could donate. When Ellie did as she was told, that was when Andi realized that her eight-year-old daughter is on the right track.

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Ellie has since been, on her own, donating the toys she has outgrown. Andi happily recounts, "When she sees me decluttering, wala pa ako sinabi, she's like, 'Mom, me also. I have stuff to give away.'

"Ngayon, siya pa iyong nagpapaalala sa akin na, 'When are we going to prepare boxes, so that we can send them to donate?'

"For me, parang, ang saya kasi nakikita ko na naiintindihan niya na iyong mga bagay na ito, magagandang laruan, hindi mo kailangan ng maraming ganyan."

Andi elaborates, "Teaching them to not be materialistic isn't also equivalent to hating on all of these luxuries or all of these material items. It just means raising them to learn how to be grateful and appreciative and find happiness in experiences, in other people, and in themselves. And not have to rely on material things to get motivation or to be happy."

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