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Andi Eigenmann Flaunts Her Baby Bump Weeks Before Giving Birth

She’s totally rocking that natural pregnancy glow!
Andi Eigenmann Flaunts Her Baby Bump Weeks Before Giving Birth
She’s totally rocking that natural pregnancy glow!

We’ve all admired Andi Eigenmann for living out her truth, trading the hustle and bustle of the city life for sandy shores and blue waves on the island of Siargao. Ever since she embraced island life, we’ve stayed glued to her life updates and IG-worthy photos on her social media!

Now, the actress is all about self-care and eating clean as she enters her 36th week into pregnancy, expecting her first child with her partner, champion surfer Philmar Alipayo. To mark the last weeks before she gives birth, Andi also flaunted her baby bump in a series of gorgeous photos shot by Andrei Suleik! We love the natural look she’s sporting in her pictures, baring her stretch marks and all.


“Andrei came over and caught me on a lazy afternoon, being my pregnant self, waiting about for this belly to pop,” Andi writes on her Instagram post. “So glad to have @andreisuleik take photos of me this way to keep as the perfect souvenir, before my pregnancy comes to an end.”

Andi also got real in the same post as she shared details on her pregnancy, including bodily pains. “36 weeks into my pregnancy, barely able to force my non maternity clothes on me, experiencing every discomfort in my body, back pains, pelvic pains, feet swelling, etc, and being tired af so easily. All of this makes me so excited to give birth!” The actress adds, “There’s 1-4 weeks to go though, and our lives are about to change (once again) so better enjoy moments like this as much as possible.”

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We wish you all the best with your pregnancy, Andi!

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