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Alexender Wang and Bella Hadid Were Cute Together in Cannes

The chemistry was real.
Alexender Wang and Bella Hadid Were Cute Together in Cannes
IMAGE Patrick Martin
The chemistry was real.

Alexander Wang and Bella Hadid’s casual and candid conversation about their newest “Take Pleasure Seriously” campaign with ice cream authority Magnum in Cannes won us over. The genuine affection between the two was fresh, and their youthful spirit, infectious. It was a welcome change of pace from the usual guarded celebrity responses reserved for the press. Even the choice of outfits: a short and flirty, fit-and-flare dress for Bella and a casual and easy, T-shirt and jeans combo for Alexander, reflected the playful vibe of this collaboration. For Magnum, the choice of stylish people in the know for this partnership was inevitable. As an iconic confection strongly associated with fashion and luxury, Magnum celebrated its heritage, craft and quality in a new and reworked way, one that was uncontrived, effortless and cool—everything that Alexander Wang as a brand stands for and Magnum, too.

For Alexander, who launched the “Take Pleasure Seriously” campaign with muse Bella, the collaboration not only meant him giving worth to indulgence and real pleasure, but it was also about him reimagining what that meant now—how gratification can be as simple as making the conventional unconventional. Like their Magnum X Alexander Wang film, a short clip that starts off like any other regular fashion film, but is not so regular after all. Yes, it was still all polish and beautiful imagery, but there was humor in it, too. Lest we forget, happiness, pleasure, and fashion do seriously go hand in hand, quite naturally in fact.

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And, of course, there was the Magnum flavor that everyone was talking about, provocative and black—done in signature Alexander Wang fashion—decadently embellished with pearls, burnt sesame seeds, and dusted deliciously with chocolate and charcoal. (No luck on getting your hands on this one in Manila, though. It was unveiled as a Cannes exclusive.) “The collaboration with Magnum has been all about pleasure and indulgence. Working with Bella to show the expert craft that goes into a Magnum is something I am very proud of. It’s great to collaborate with Magnum on this campaign, and showing people the importance of pleasure in life.” A timeless and timely reminder from Alexander Wang that in living, contentment above all is key.

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