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7 Times Alexa Ilacad Proved That She Is Wise Beyond Her Years

Queen behavior right here.
7 Times Alexa Ilacad Proved That She Is Wise Beyond Her Years
IMAGE instagram/alexailacad
Queen behavior right here.

During Alexa Ilacad's stay in the Pinoy Big Brother house earlier this year, she was commonly referred to as the "Smartista Unica Hija ng Pasig." Thanks to her quick wit and well-rounded talents, she certainly lived up to her nickname in more ways than one. Even now that it's been months since she left the PBB house, we still see traces of her smartista character every so often. NGL, it's totally giving queen behavior and we're here for it!

If you also look up to Alexa's unapologetically strong personality, here are all the times she lived up to her iconic moniker:

1. Alexa always has the wittiest comebacks to her haters online. One time, she even corrected a basher's misspelling!

PHOTO BY instagram/alexailacad

2. Despite being born to a family of artists and producers, Alexa was still determined to make a name for herself in the industry. While she openly acknowledges her privilege, she's still proud to say that she has achieved all her showbiz goals by herself. We stan an independent woman!

3. Although it was difficult to manage her hectic schedule, Alexa was a total pro at juggling work and school at the same time. Merely graduating from college is a feat in itself, but Alexa took it a step further and finished with a flat uno!

PHOTO BY instagram/trestonph
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4. Book smarts aside, Alexa's also wise beyond her years. For example, when she looked back on her PBB experience, she shared that she has completely forgiven those who talked behind her back. "Bibigyan mo rin naman ng benefit of the doubt 'yung tao," Alexa once explained in a recent YouTube vlog. "Ayoko magbago 'yung magbabago 'yung pakikitango ko sa tao especially if I don't know the entirety of the conversation, of what really happened."

5. Need some advice for common teen problems? Alexa's your girl! Whether you're struggling with your self-esteem or looking for general life advice, this bright actress will always know the right things to say.


6. Of course, we can never forget about the fact that Alexa once played *the* Bobbie Salazar from Four Sisters Before the Wedding. Alexa's basically her IRL: Diligent, overachieving, and fiercely unapologetic.


7. Alexa may be multi-talented and clever, but what truly makes her a smartista is her humility and willingness to learn. As she once said in her PBB introduction, she's just like any other person who makes mistakes and grows from those shortcomings. "At the end of the day, I'm a normal person who makes mistakes, who learns from her mistakes, and gets back up on her feet," she said. We couldn't have said that better!


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