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Here's How You Can Help Save the Oceans

No oceans, no air, no life.
Here's How You Can Help Save the Oceans
No oceans, no air, no life.

Taking care of the earth lies on each of us. It is our home and our life source. And as time passes, we tend to forget how we are slowly destroying the environment. We use plastic on a daily basis but we are not able to dispose them properly. The bulk of it goes to the ocean, an ecosystem that gives us air to breathe. Such carelessness and apathy towards the oceans are the very threat to mankind. However, it's not too late to change the narrative.

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Today, you can take part in the movement to help put a stop to plastic pollution. Adidas, together with Parley TV, is asking runners to take part in saving the oceans by participating in a digital run. The global movement starts today, June 5 until June 11. Take the pledge and defend our lifesource!


Local runners can join the movement later at 5pm at Adidas BGC, Two Parkade to jumpstart the effort. You can also contribute your mileage by registering for the free digital run. "Those who register and run at any time during this week, accumulate miles and can see how those miles are adding up to the ones run by all runners around the world joining the movement." Don't forget to wear blue to show you're with us in this campaign!

While running, bring a headset, download the Runtastic app, and listen to a Story Run and learn how you can be a part of the solution.

Let's run and save the ocean!

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